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Saturday, February 22 View Page
Penryn Garden - February 22 2020 photo - First Garden Prep for my AG garden plot . Raked out 5 yards of Compost over 25lbs of Soil Acidifier to lower my current 8.2 ph levels.
Friday, March 13 View Page
2020 Garden Prep - Added 5 Yards of Compost and 25lbs of Soil Acidifier- More goodies to be applied before I rototill the patch.
Friday, March 13 View Page
Penryn Garden - Today my garden got some goodies : 1) 50lbs Kelp Meal 2) 50lbs Alfalfa Meal 3) 10lbs Blood Meal 4) 33.33 lbs All purpose 15-15-15 - All rototilled along with the 5 yards compost and 25lbs Soil Acidifier that's been decomposing under the Compost for the last several weeks. Next Step - Hand Turn after adding a few more delicate items. Two lucky pumpkins will get the works - #3 AG choice -gets the leftovers.
Wednesday, March 18 View Page
A little Sunshine and they should start sprouting in a perfect world.
Monday, March 23 View Page
Flowers, Herbs,Vegetables - Starting seedlings this week, approx 150 total of various varieties including heirloom. Each tray holds fifty. Letting the sun do it's magic!
Tuesday, March 24 View Page
Epson Salts - Added 25lbs today just before it started raining in Northern California - Slowly working through my Soil Amendment list for 2020 Pumpkin Season. Think I'm gonna hand turn my soil before I add the last few items, then I'll rototill it all again in April. Anyway that's my plan.
Thursday, March 26 View Page
Encouraged my son who has been in his room Computer Coding to get some fresh air. Handed him a shovel and asked him to double did my 1,000 sqft patch this morning. I was going to do it myself - but I thought -hmmm - tee hee :) it good for him. Gave me time to put some 4.22 Dyson Tomatoes into larger containers. Plan to put 20lbs of Potassium Sulfate on patch tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Thoughts of ordering drip tape on my mind-gotta figure out the system and size.
Sunday, March 29 View Page
Added 20lbs - Sulfate of Potassium to a 1,000 sq.ft area. All part of my AG garden amendment 2020 plan. Need to still add Four more items 1. Borax, 2. Manganese, 3. Zinc Sulfate, 4. Copper Sulfate - to complete my spreadsheet nutrient list.
Monday, March 30 View Page
I don't have a greenhouse. No heat mats or grow lights. Had to be creative - I do have a $29 dollar 6 egg incubator with instructions in a foreign language. Why not incubate a few hot pepper seeds courtesy of Glenoma and a 3.26 Pittston courtesy of Ned S. Put a few test seeds in on 3-14-20 and have roots today ! Planted them in seedling trays with mycrorizane. Now I'll do the 5.53 Momate tomato seeds and try a few more peppers.
Monday, March 30 View Page
Chicken Egg Incubator- aka Tomato and pepper incubator ?? photo.
Monday, March 30 View Page
Propagation & Coffee. Today: Thyme, Cleveland Sage, Love & Wishes Salvia-, Salvia Microphylla, Russian Sage, Salvia Nem Rose, French Lavender + Planted a few Pepper seeds that germinated ( It took 2 weeks) for those seeds to germinate inside with a coffee filter & zip lock bag- testing that method.. Shelter at home - getting creative. Hopefully they all grow!
Monday, March 30 View Page
Better Photo
Monday, March 30 View Page
Cherry Pepper & 3.26 Pittston Tomato in coffee filter sprouting photo - as reported earlier- could not upload photos - had to download Foxfire browser as recommended on this site to get photos to upload.
Saturday, April 4 View Page
My little 25 adorable troubles are keeping me busy.
Tuesday, April 7 View Page
Planting my seeds today- after soaking in Foxfarms Kelp Me Kelp You Solution. I read a seed starting article where the grower dipped the seeds in captan-fungicide before the final planting in containers. Anyone's thoughts on this method?
Wednesday, April 8 View Page
Planted seeds April 7th in Containers - Soaked in Fox Farm - Kelp Me - then dipped in Captan Fungicide before planting. Let hope they all germinate!
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Final Rototilling yesterday with my BCS Harvester - Does a great job.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Final Rototilling yesterday with my BCS Harvester - Does a great job.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
Good morning Mr. Geddes. I have a freshly rototilled spot waiting for you and one other Lucky pumpkin-depends who really wants to grow big.?? Two up out of 12 planted ....Sunny warm day today - hopefully a few more pop out and show off their cotyledons.
Thursday, April 16 View Page
My boys free ranging out of the chicken coop - run area for the first time. Wasn't thinking I'd end up with 2 roosters when I incubated 6 eggs. Oh well-they are Beauties.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
My 2158 Geddes picture from May 15, 2020 - The main vine is out about 2 feet and I need to start the burying process. I have been very busy with 21 unruly baby chicks. They have taken up more of my time then I could have imagined. They are now Out of the house and in their coop/run. I was able to get in my 2 Best Pumpkins in the ground and cover them with Agri-Cloth (Thank you Plant Daddy for sharing your Agri-Cloth with me!) Also planted a (740x1211) courtesy of Plant Daddy - I believe he told me it's a nice Orange one. This one is for the 150sqft Contest. I still have to put the parameter around it and send in my sqft - photo proof. Rain today in Penryn- so that means 1 million more weed seeds will sprout in my garden soon. Oh well I find it relaxing pulling weeds - I may take a few drinks with me in the evening when it warms up again.
Sunday, May 17 View Page
My 1938 Urena - Just starting to vine - its a few days behind Mr. Geddes and seems more heat sensitive. Time will tell. Next step getting my water lines put down. Not sure if I am going to do soaker hoses or drip tape. I had my hose regulator in hand - set it down somewhere safe ... now it's lost so I can't hook up my pumpkin hose system to the garden yet. I really don't want to go to Homedepot - but I may have to venture out for the sake of my pumpkins. Darn xyxuuqtox...!!..bad words.. are in the works.


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