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Friday, February 22 View Page
This is what I've been doing all Winter when I'm not working. Riding my mountain bike uphill then downhill. It's all about getting in shape. Commitment and routine. I haven't felt this good in 25 years. My garden budget has turned into a bike and bike gear budget. Don't give up in whatever you do. Always give 100% or don't do it at all!
Friday, February 22 View Page
My photo didn't make it. Let's try again.
Saturday, March 23 View Page
Kodiak mustard cover crop coming along after a long winter. Finally starting to grow. I left 5 of the largest Alisa Craig onions I grew in the ground last year in the ground to produce seed this year. They are coming up and look good. Also, two months ago today I started another batch of Alisa Craig onions from seed and transplanted the largest in the ground today.
Sunday, April 21 View Page
Thanks Porkchop! What a surprise! First place trophy, 24 WOW season long starter paks, a nice hand written note, and $100. All for last seasons tomato team competition. Rebel Rousers will rise again!
Friday, May 10 View Page
Just a reminder how big these Domingo megablooms can get. This was last September off of the 8.22 Porkchop (from 5.95 Konieczny).
Friday, May 10 View Page
..being late in the season I put a greenhouse around it in the garden. It pollinated. A week later the heat got too high and cooked the whole thing. Need to figure how to get these started earlier! Currently, my seedlings are a couple of weeks old. Transplant to the garden by the first or second week of June. 20-30 plants this year. Work out of town. Without looking all my Domingo starts were killed due to dry soil except the 5.95 Konieczny. At least I have one Domingo. Sorry Glen "Clayton", sorry Porkchop.
Friday, May 10 View Page
I'll grow Kodiak Mustard anytime for the flowers. Seeded in October, this is what it looks like in the spring. Will till in real soon. I got this from Ron Wallace's WOW Organic Wonder Site.


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