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Saturday, January 7 View Page
I'm stoked! It is all coming down to this. One large flower on one 4.66 Russian Oxheart. The closest plant to the lights. The Big Zacs are not flowering and the other Oxheart has small one's. It is cold and snowy outside for Oregon standards. Inside it's 75F and 45% humidity.
Thursday, January 19 View Page
This is the next flower. The winter growing challenge is pretty much a challenge with myself. Trying to get a flower to just open, pollinate and grow is the biggest challenge. I cranked the air temp up into the 90's to try to stimulate something. Otherwise I have a mangle of 4 plants with the only one showing any sign of flowers being the Russian Oxheart closest to the lights. The flowers prior didn't really open and just fell off. Being in just a well pump house outside, the soil temp has been cold in the 60's and hard to heat up.
Saturday, February 4 View Page
Our annual PGVG seed packing party. Really, a great group of people.
Saturday, February 4 View Page
The previous two flowers of this 4.66 Russian Oxheart did not fall off, but did not pollinate so getting closer to an actual pollination. This next flower is the biggest so far resembling the one the 4.66 came from. Hopefully next week I will finally post an actual tomato and I will be on board!
Thursday, February 16 View Page
My entry into the winter tomato challenge! Off my 4.66. Saw it was starting to turn so it was time to go. Couldn't use the tape measure so used the calipers. 0.01 oz. isn't too bad is it? At least it registered on the scale. I tried. Couldn't get them pollinated.
Thursday, February 23 View Page
We have a heartbeat! Finally something took. Actually, two of them. I saw visible pollen with these. Moving the red/blue lights to direct light just on this plant instead of the 3 others made the difference. Also, turned down my heated fan speed to keep them from drying out. Look out bnot!
Saturday, March 4 View Page
Through out the winter I have trying to grow a tomato in my insulated pump house. Also, have been feeding the birds with bird seed at the feeder. Every so often I see a chipmunk fill up with bird food. Something has been digging in my large tomato pots. A week or so goes by. Small plants are growing out of the digging spots. They look like sunflowers. Weird, I let them grow. A week after that the varmint digs in the same spot and eats the maybe 20 2" sunflower sprouts. This cycle has continued 3x, digging in seeds, letting them grow, coming back and eating them after they grow. Trying to grow a tomato this winter has been frustrating, yet entertaining. The one tomato is 5" with two weeks to go until the end of winter. Thought about trapping the little guy as he is making mincemeat out of the plant roots. I think it's karma I didn't kill the damn thing yet. That's why I finally have a tomato.
Friday, March 17 View Page
OK, couldn't wait any longer. It even started to turn since I cranked up the heat to 90F for the last week. Here is my tomato for the winter challenge: 3.1 oz or 0.19 lbs. It was a lot of fun. Will try it again next year but definitely will need more light.
Saturday, March 18 View Page
Here is my tomato for the winter grow effort. The 3.1 oz or 0.19 lb Spaziani. My opinion on growing tomatoes in the winter is different than when I started. Next year I will need more light and hopefully will break 1 lb!.
Saturday, April 29 View Page
2017 competition tomatoes. Started seeds 8 days ago. Have been watering with willow water that I made. Stimulates root growth. Had a great germination rate. Many of the missing were due to a chipmunk that found its way into the cooler. Bastard! Could of been worse as many of the missing were from some of my own low budget seeds including my winter challenge effort and a few Big Zac no name seeds. But what did come up are the important one's including the names of Porkchop, LaRue, White, Megadom, Slammer, Konieczny, Sutherland, MacCoy, Foss, and a few of my own. Also, it wasn't a complete Megamutt meltdown! Out of the 6 Konieczny Megamutt's that I planted, I have one each of the "D" cross and "Z" cross in the bottom left row of the photo. All of my 6 PGVG competition seeds germinated. I have been keeping my temperatures up high from 95F-102F. This was a gamble but I think it attributed to a quick and successful germination. This is the Rebel part of my handle Garden Rebel.
Saturday, April 29 View Page
Oh, and that bunch of greens in my seed starts is from the chipmunk burying bird seed in one of the pots! It could of been a lot worse. As it did all winter in my winter tomato pots, he comes back after a while and eats the greens. He's a garden rebel also.


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