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Subject:  squirrels and rat damage

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Big Swede

San Diego, California

squirrels and rats are enjoying eating my leaves big time. I have my patch surrounded with 4 feet chicken wire fence. I`ve tried several things. I would like to hear some new ideas. I`m desperate and ready to quit for this year. I`ve grown pumpkins for 20 years and never had this kind of trouble. I live in San Diego, California

Thanks _ Jon

7/9/2018 7:56:14 PM

Glenoma Kins

Kibordmonki, WA

Are they hungry or just looking for water? Maybe a bird bath on the ground if they are only a problem because they thirsty.

7/14/2018 3:19:00 PM


Central Illinois

one year I had animals eating my drip tape to get water, you could try spraying your plants with pepper or garlic

7/15/2018 9:17:36 AM

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