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Subject:  Stem damage on young plants

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I'm only a second year grower, up in Vermont, and have an issue with the stem on all 3 of my pumpkin plants. In each case the larger of the two vines from each plant has a damaged area near the base of the stems. How serious is this? Should I cut off the larger vines to let the smaller, undamaged vines take over? The larger vines still look super healthy, but I'm concerned that that may not last. See photo link below. Thanks for your help!


6/29/2018 10:13:23 PM


New York

Mine had the same problem. It’s common From the plants growing so fast they split. It doesn’t affect anything just keep it dry. I had the same question on this website a couple weeks ago and one grower said to cut a plastic bottle in half the long way put it over the part of the vine that’s damaged and then bury this will keep it dry and bug free.

6/29/2018 10:45:34 PM



Thanks! I appreciate the information. Did you bury yours, and has it stayed healthy?

6/29/2018 11:16:29 PM

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