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Subject:  Leaves with some brown

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57 Chevy


Some brown showing on first leaf of plant temps have been down ground is moist to wet condition....

6/18/2018 10:14:09 AM

Orangeneck (Team Big-N-Orange)

Berks County PA where we grow orange pumpkins

There are lots of reasons for this we really need to see some pics in order to provide any guidance.

6/18/2018 1:06:52 PM

57 Chevy


I hope my photo came in, my diary?

6/18/2018 3:04:40 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Older leaves are going to die first with age(or abuse). To me looks like fertilizer burn from something you watered with..no big deal but don’t over feed, easy does it.

6/18/2018 4:51:41 PM

57 Chevy


I have used Miracle Grow on it 2 times already I will wait awhile before another application. Can you over water it at this stage? Thanks

6/18/2018 5:21:23 PM

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