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Subject:  cutworms veggie garden

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Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

It seems as though I have an infestation of cutworms in my veggie garden. It's not an issue with my kins ...seperate garden but next to it...was hoping someone in the Northeast might have a solution. Been growing veggies for over 30 years and have never run into so many cutworms in my life. Not even close. Started transplanting last week and have about 300 of my 400 plants left and I'm still planting. Looks like I'll try the remainder of my plants in the pumpkin patch. I sprayed sevin around the base of my broccoli and it seems to have helped. I mixed up another batch and will spray bases before dark. I've probably squished about a hundred of them little bastards...I find them when I'm making holes for transplant. I'm not wrapping with paper, etc...wondering if somebody has done something that works for them??? Is there something I can put down early spring to kill them and not contaminate my veggie patch. I'm in Northern NY and NY is tough for restrictions on what they can sell....plus I don't want to poison myself. Any help would be appreciated.

5/30/2018 10:51:57 AM


Springfield, VT

I have always put a paper collar around the plant and removed any cutworms after they have damaged any plants.

5/30/2018 4:49:18 PM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

Thanks Wilbur..but I'm not wrapping 500-600 plants. I know it works but I'm not doing it. I'm an old fart with a bad back..takes me along time .couple weeks to plant...on my way out to spray 7 around the bases..

5/30/2018 5:13:05 PM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

From my research I found that they need to wrap around the stem before gnawing...a solution was to put a soda straw right next to the transplant..not allowing them to wrap around..Still looking for some granular or spray for a veggie garden.

5/30/2018 5:21:47 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Years ago you could use diazinon with a watering can. You can no longer get diazinon. Most of the solutions I can think of involve a drench with merit. Which is illegal in New York with out a license. I am not sure what other insecticides are labelled for use as a drench.

5/31/2018 7:56:50 AM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Is it illegal if you spray someone else’s property.. and charge for it aka a spray applicator license ... if home use I don’t know how anyone can tell you what you can and can not do... I mean the internet would allow you to buy merit.. and ship to your house.. I use products labeled for an applicator however I buy them at the same place they do for the same $ I just spray my own and don’t charge...

5/31/2018 8:12:47 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I just did a little research, it looks like BT Kurstaki strain will work for you. too. It may take a while before you see get control though. One article I read suggested planting a row of radishes in early spring and keeping them dusted or sprayed with BT to help reduce the cutworm population early in the season. It seems that cultural methods can really help control the little buggers too. Till your soil in the fall and then again in the spring keep a dust mulch on the surface up until planting time.

5/31/2018 8:28:24 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Good question Big City. I know for the most part each state is in charge of setting up and enforcing the pesticide laws. The federal government does butt in, in some areas of control. I don't even want to find out the answer to your question because I am afraid of the potential answer.

5/31/2018 8:38:48 AM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

I was afraid sevin wouldn't work. It might but not quick enough. Found several around the bases of my broccoli. They climbed and ate leaves. Lost another dozen tomato plants. I've now got several ( 50-75 ) places for my purple beans to go and room for my 45 cherry tomato varities. Somebody should survive. On the bright side...kins are looking good!! I have a lot of time to research in the next year...Is there something out there that I can till in fall or spring time and not worry about my veggies being tainted? They haven't bothered the garlic or shallots on one end of the garden. I have probably close to a 1000 garlic, shallots and onions going. Definitely don't want to affect them since they are planted in the fall.

5/31/2018 12:13:37 PM

Glenoma Kins

Glenoma, WA

It is my understanding that they like some manure or mulch that isnt totally composted this attracts them or helps them get started. Is that a factor in your struggle with them this year?

6/1/2018 3:40:22 AM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

Manure is definitely a possibility. I have the same manure in two gardens but only problems in one. I've used manure for over 30 years and have always run across a few cutworms but not a few hundred.

6/1/2018 7:15:29 AM

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