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Subject:  What's wrong with my leaves?

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Dillonvale, Ohio

It's all in my diary, let me know your thoughts.

5/25/2018 7:43:39 AM

don young

herbicide damage you sprayed round up to close to plant?

5/25/2018 8:02:20 AM

andy W

Western NY


5/25/2018 8:28:26 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Never sprayed roundup

5/25/2018 8:41:16 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Also out of 5 plants, it's by far the worst. And it's in the middle of all them. There is 2 directly on each side(neither have leaves like this), 1 slightly to the left behind and 1 in front probably 50', tip to stump

5/25/2018 8:58:57 AM


central Nc

did you spray a copper fungicide? those can sometimes cause chlorosis

5/25/2018 9:07:05 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Does glyphosate move through the ground? I used it in a watering can uphill, I guess it's possible it rained and moved the glyphosate to the roots of the plant. Still doesn't explain the plant that's over 60' away from where I used glyphosate

5/25/2018 9:30:10 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Only thing I've sprayed is seven. I have my Roundup sprayer marked so I don't use it for anything else.

5/25/2018 9:38:11 AM

Frank and Tina

South East

could be Fe (iron) deficiency.

5/25/2018 10:37:59 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Looks exactly like Roundup damage I had in 2012.


5/25/2018 11:01:10 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Glyphosate doesn't move through the ground, as soon as it hits the soil it stays put. It fastens itself to organic matter and is locked up there until biology breaks it down.

5/25/2018 12:30:00 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

After looking at it and everyone's thoughts, it almost has to be from glyphosate. I'd just like to know where it came from, I guess using it in a watering can doesn't stop it from drifting

5/25/2018 1:16:16 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Did you possibly give to high of a dose of systemic fungicide like eagle 20?

5/25/2018 10:35:08 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Only fungicide or insecticide I've given all my plants is seven and companion.

5/26/2018 7:47:33 AM


Scituate, MA

Pumpkin plant not growing significantly after 4 weeks in ground with heating cable and light. 5th leaf showing yellowing. Soil moisture high and seems cold.thanks. I have picture

5/31/2018 6:02:04 PM

Glenoma Kins

Glenoma, WA

Ive had plants look terrible because of root damage but yet they dont wilt. Or... maybe you accidentally spilled something near it? Gasoline?

Someone saw it wilting and watered it with glyphosate for you...

6/1/2018 3:31:29 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia


9/27/2018 7:43:27 PM

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