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Subject:  Warrior or ????

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Spencer, IA

Hi folks,

I grow around 1,000 jack-o-lantern pumpkins each year to give to the kids in preschool, headstart, kindegarden and first grades. Last year I lost approximately 50 plants to squash vine borer and I'm considering my options for pesticides for the upcoming year. I obtained my restricted used pesticide license (IA) so I can buy some of the harsher chems but not sure which would be best for me. I currently have approximately 150 hills of jackolantern types. I talked to a local grower that has approx 10 accres in pumpkins and he recommended warrior. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

2/16/2018 1:20:12 PM


aurora, IL

You could use svb traps around and in your patch. Here is a link for more info. http://www.hollandsgiants.com/squashVineBorerTraps.html

2/16/2018 7:08:32 PM


Central Illinois

Using a generic form of Merit 75 WP should be safe as long as they dont eat or chew the plant, it can be applied to the soil in one location, it then gets transported through the plant systemically. This product can also kill bee's so that my be a factor to consider. A generic form is Adonis 75 WSP

2/17/2018 9:45:56 AM


Bloomfield, Iowa

Yes on Warrior. You will take care of all pests.

4/11/2018 12:59:20 AM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Warrior I think is a lambda product sold under a lot of names ...

5/5/2018 5:08:36 PM

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