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Subject:  Pre plant out patch applictaion for pythium?

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What are some suggestions for pre plant out patch applications of fungicides to reduce pythium in a patch?

2/12/2018 5:43:00 AM

Joze (Joe Ailts)

Deer Park, WI

Frustratingly, there's nothing that can be soil applied to kill pythium in the patch. Best tools we have are season-long fungicide drench/foliar sprays once the plant goes into the ground.

A rotation of fungicides labeled for Oomycetes is the best strategy, two new chemistries are now on the market to help defend against these pathogens. Orondis Ridomil Gold from Syngenta and Elumin from Valent have recently become available and are labeled for cucurbits.

2/14/2018 7:08:03 PM

Joze (Joe Ailts)

Deer Park, WI

Follow the link in the post directly below this one to ready about a soil disinfestation process that appears to be effective towards fungal pathogens as well.

2/14/2018 7:12:45 PM

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