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Subject:  Big kins rotting?

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Princeville, IL

Doing weekly measurements today and had three kins over 300 lbs that had large rotting white areas when I uncovered them. All different seeds and in different patches. Have not had this happen before. No problems with plant or stems that I could find. Has been wet, hot, and humid. Any ideas on what is causing this?

8/4/2017 9:50:57 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Probably the same stuff that got a couple of my pumpkins. They stop growing, get white spots and rot. Probably some kind of fungal infection, conditions have been good for it. Going from cold and wet, hot and dry, hot and wet, cool and dry really stresses plants and makes them vulnerable. Growing on the same spot year after year contributes. Next year I will have fewer plants, mustard on the idle spots to kill disease and a fall cover crop to try to cut down on the diseases.

8/4/2017 10:23:30 PM

Ron Rahe (uncron1@hotmail.com)


The only way to know is a tissue test of the plant. I had a similar situation one year, The plant showed no signs of stress and I lost the fruit around day 30 to the dreaded white rot. Plant tested positive for YVD.

8/7/2017 6:18:01 PM

Ron Rahe (uncron1@hotmail.com)


Here's a link, if you follow my diary that year; I posted pics of the symptoms.http://www.bigpumpkins.com/Diary/DiaryViewOne.asp?eid=185576

8/7/2017 6:22:41 PM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Maybe blossom end rot? Need cal treatment ? Or maybe boron ? I would tissue test to find the answer

8/8/2017 12:05:34 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I have a theory that late in the season with a plant that is pretty much done growing, YVD's first symptom may be the pumpkin rotting. You won't see it(YVD) in wilting vine tips because plant growth is pretty much done. You won't see it in off colored leaves either because the plant is already having leave's die off naturally and start to yellow. The white you describe certainly sounds like a YVD rot. Did you have a lot of YVD this year?
Have you dealt with it in the past? If the answer is yes to either of those, YVD would be my top suspect.
There are so many types of rot. You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what happened to your prized pumpkin.

9/28/2017 7:31:14 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I used to think that if you surived July, you were pretty safe from YVD, I saw differently this year. I had plants start to show signs throughout August.

9/28/2017 7:38:56 AM

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