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Subject:  downy mildew

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Have had bad mid August luck with DM in the past...Immunox wasn't that helful.Have been using Actinovate for 3 weeks.I have obtained some Daconil.Should I alternate?Maybe the Daconil will wipe out the good microbes? Suggestions and opinions please...

7/11/2017 7:38:44 PM


aurora, IL

It is better to use more than just one fungicide. I use Biological Companion and Fosphite, alternating them, but if fungus show up on your plants the fungicide program will have to change to control them. If they get hard to control switch to systemic fungicides.

7/11/2017 11:06:05 PM


South Hero, VT

Immunox is 1.55% myclobutanil. Eagle is 19.7% myclobutanil.

Find something with manganese and zinc in the ingredients such as Manzate or Mancozeb.

Agri-phos and TKO phosphite are composed of mono- and d-potassium salts of phosphoric acid.

These are the top 3 disease treatments many heavy hitters use in rotation.

Matt DeBacco recommends Aliette, Tanos, and Presidio.

7/12/2017 8:30:06 AM


Springfield, VT

Use a biological, a contact and systemic fungicide at each spraying. Use different systemic in rotation for best results. Daconil is a good contact. Immunox is a good systemic but will loose effectiveness with continued use.

7/12/2017 8:31:01 AM


Central Illinois

is myclobutanil labeled to prevent DM ? I thought it was just PM

7/12/2017 8:58:27 AM


South Hero, VT

Myclobutanil does NOT control downy mildew. My bad.

Captan will, however.

7/12/2017 9:13:55 AM



Thanks everyone...been the best mimimal disease summer in years...

8/19/2017 9:38:40 AM

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