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Subject:  Garlic Recipe?

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PJ Park

Circleville Ohio

Does anyone have a recipe for deterring bugs utilizing garlic?

5/20/2017 9:46:07 PM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Takes a lot!!! I bought garlic barrier (super concentrated garlic) and sprayed & sprayed, it helped a bit, but not a lot!!! Peace, Wayne

5/21/2017 1:42:24 AM


Santa Rosa, CA.

Garlic Barrier works great, especially when the plants are small and you aren't ready to use harsh chemicals on the young leaves. I keep a bottle mixed up and spray them at night when the hoop houses are closed.

5/21/2017 9:37:47 AM

moro (sergio)

Cologne Brescia Italy

I'm using it this year for the first time I put in a gallon
15 clove grinding 9 table spoon of Marsiglia liquid soap
And 3 talble spoon of alcohol, wait 24 hours and sparay it
on the leafes, it seem work very well the aphids stay away

5/25/2017 3:16:06 PM

PJ Park

Circleville Ohio

thank you my friends

5/25/2017 11:35:44 PM


Paradise Mountain,N.Y.

I've been making my own for over ten years now and I have great results. I buy three large garlic bulbs and three hot red peppers. I peal the garlic, than I throw the garlic and hot red peppers in a blender and fill half way with water. I let the blender run for a few minutes. Than I run it through one of the wife's strainersjust to catch the seeds and the rough stuff from the garlic and peppers. Don't super strain it.Then I pour it into a gallon jug.Fill the jug with water and let it set. It will keep even a year. I mix two cup in four gallons of water and put it in my back pack blower. No need to shake it up every time you use it. All the solids settle to the bottom. I spray it about every ten days. I don't hardly have any bugs

5/26/2017 12:37:31 AM

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