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Subject:  Street Lights

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Rockingham North Carolina

Where I'm at I'm fortunate to finally have good ground and water. The spot I've chosen for my patch is well drained, receives plenty of sunlight. My only issue is that I have a street light about 75 yards away across the street and it cast a good amount of light onto my growing area. I'm well aware of the effects of the photoperiod on many plants and how it affects many plants in drastically different ways. I'm wondering, has anyone grown in this kind of environment, where street lights (these are the new LED lights which tend towards the blue end of the spectrum) and had any experience?
If it comes down to it, I'll set up some sort of shade or block when it comes time to set fruit, but I'm really hoping it turns out pumpkins arent quite so sensitive and will still set even with the street lights interfering with the natural light cycle.

5/6/2017 11:06:58 PM


Central Illinois

I dont think light poles bother most plants, maybe they just get used to it since its constantly there. Ive never noticed a difference in flowers that touch low voltage lights either. Pot plants dont like it at all.

5/7/2017 9:55:23 AM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL

I've notice that soy beans will continue to be green at harvest time , but this is about 20-30ft around light. I'd say now issues.

5/7/2017 11:19:06 AM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Street lights happen plants still consider it twilight aka dark time not enough light to spin the grow meter

5/8/2017 9:35:05 AM


Rockingham North Carolina

Thanks for the replies. With luck I'll have plenty of flowers to work with.

5/13/2017 7:31:08 PM


The high powered led lights are not looking good in some studies so far.

5/15/2017 8:12:59 PM

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