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Subject:  OH Great TOMATO Guru....What should I do?

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So here is the thing, I have a nice tomato growing. In a week (oct 5) is the hometown weigh off. It is the only one that pays for biggest tomato in colorado ($50). It would be glorious to take it here. BUT (of course there is always a but) It will more than likely be short of the Colorado state record at this point. This years goal has always been to beat the record. If it is still green and hard on October 8th I could let it grow for another week and weigh it at the October 15th weigh off where there is a much better chance at breaking the state record.

things to consider
I do have other tomatoes I can take to the hometown weigh off.
tomato per day circumference

smiling heart, 1/8, 15 1/2 dap 43
strickler_high, 3/16, 17 1/8, dap 36
strickler_insd, 3/16, 16 1/4, dap 32
single_front, 3/16, 14 1/2. dap 24

none of these guarantee a win at the hometown weigh off like the big tomato tho.

so..... go for the money and instant glory (crowd cheers)

or..... Take a chance and go for immortal fame.

10/1/2022 2:25:37 AM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Stick with the original goal... Good luck.

10/1/2022 3:10:49 AM

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