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Subject:  weight recognition

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John G.

derry n.h u.s.a.

How does a grower go about setting a state record if a tomato is finished before a GPC weighoff?

8/9/2022 5:44:11 PM


Central NY

Grow one bigger then the current record and enter the “early submission “ form that they are talking about on the next thread down. You’ll need a few photos of the tomato on a registered scale . Certification must be visible in the pic. Good luck!… New Hampshire record?

8/9/2022 9:22:16 PM


San Diego, CA

John, you should also read all the GPC rules at https://gpc1.org/about/rules/

State records require two impartial witnesses. From what i can tell, the NH record is 5.46 pounds. Good luck!

8/9/2022 10:11:08 PM

John G.

derry n.h u.s.a.

Thanks for responding guys,Yes maybe the N.H RECORD,Have had 5 or 6 tomatoes on single blooms 1 or 2 ounces under 5 lb,I also have 3 mega blooms(4 way fused) One is two DAP (giant apple heirloom) the second is 10 DAP(mega Zac) the 3rd is July 13th pollination that is 23" today on big Zac.I dont think the larger one will make a weighoff,but you never know.Thanks John

8/14/2022 3:12:18 PM

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