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Subject:  What have we learned so far.

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Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


My first year growing giant tomatoes and what have I learned so far.

1. Domingos grow great in Colorado. My theory is the problems people have had with growing this variety in Colorado is over watering.

2. Domingos like to be a bit dryer than other tomatoes I've grown.

3 I should of trusted my research and planted more plants. I also should of entered the team draft. (I was afraid I would suck having never done this before) I didn't plant some really good seeds (I had got at auction and you wonderful people had sent me) because I was afraid I would screw something up and waste the seeds.
In hindsight I regret not planting them......Next year........

4. If a plant is weak or slow at seedling phase it will most likely be weak even after getting it in the ground. The same applies for a strong vigorous seedling. The first seedling to sprout, and grew the strongest, is also my best plant so far.

5. Giant tomatoes grow crazy roots and can get root bound fast. I had to transplant some seedlings due to a cold snap this spring. In 3 or 4 days when I planted them in the ground the roots had already reached the sides of the new pot.

6. If you want to show your wife the wonders of nature (caterpillar to butterfly). Don't do it with the hornworm that was on your tomatoes.

What a cool adventure so far.
Good luck.

8/3/2022 2:50:05 PM

Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

I will only divert from that at #4. My 8.22 Porkchop was a runt, no question that it was amongst the two weakest plants in a tray of about 30. But it turned into one of the best plants I ever grew. Congrats on a good first year!

8/3/2022 3:24:06 PM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


Good so far. I have no delusions that things are not done until the fruit hits the scale. :)

8/3/2022 5:35:29 PM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


When did it go from runt to good grower?

8/3/2022 5:36:40 PM


Central NY

#7 it’s not as weird as it used to be to go buy the panty hoes.

8/3/2022 10:58:37 PM

wile coyote

On a cliff in the desert

I am waiting for the day when someone uses a bra to support a tomato.

8/4/2022 1:52:28 AM

Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

@Scott, as soon as it was in garden dirt... out of the seedling tray...

8/4/2022 9:49:38 AM

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