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Subject:  Days to maturity for domingo

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Dodge city

I got seedlings of the domingo tomato and I was wondering how many days for it to start producing leaves flowers and the tomato it's self. I know it says 75 to 79 days to reach maturity. But how large it gets on two tomatoes on one cluster or just only one tomato on the plant

4/30/2022 4:08:27 PM


Central NY

I would say, seed to ready to plant- 25-30 days. Another 30 days-ish until first truss flowers appear. Fruit on the Domingos can turn anywhere from 40-55 days. I have my best luck on higher trusses. Good luck..seeds are sprouting everywhere. Let’s fn go.

5/2/2022 8:27:00 PM

Little Ketchup

Grittyville, WA

That would be my guess too. They arent bred for speediness. I started mine extra, extra early this year precisely because I dont want to wait do long. You know when the seed pack says 70-75 days, that may be from the trandplant date not the sowing date. I cant imagine getting a ripe domingo in 75 days from sowing. I wonder if anyone else has paid attention to the sowing-date-to-ripe-tomato. My guess would be 90 days till ripe for a first truss tomato and 100+ days for a higher up truss. In cool temps they wont ripen at all.

5/4/2022 4:31:28 PM


Levittown Long Island New York USA

I have recorded growing time on a few different tomatoes over the last few years. I started the recordkeeping because I needed to have ripe tomatoes on a certain date to be precisely August 25 or thereabouts because that was the judging date of some local competition I entered here on Long Island . Here are some of my stats : MacCoy variety a 2lb 2oz from seed to pick 136 days
Delicious variety 2lb 5oz from seed to pick 139 days
All were started inside in 16 oz cups and around 6weeks were acclimated to outside temps

Polish Giant 1lb 15oz from seed to pick 136 days

5/4/2022 9:25:11 PM


Norfolk, UK

I get around 50 / 55 day from pollination to flower (U.K.) - slower growing, but longer period I think than some stateside.

I find Domingo’s more reluctant to form megablooms tho, so don’t expect to find a first truss bloom and would recommend growing a multi-stemmed plant to give the best chance of a workable bloom

5/6/2022 2:48:48 PM

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