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Subject:  7.38 La Rue 20 and 7.06 La Rue 20 Official? or UOW

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Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I am working on an article for the newsletter going over my genetics chart and found a couple mistakes. As I was making revisitions i found -7.38 La Rue 2020- and 7.06 La Rue 2020.

One was on my chart but one was not. Neither is listed in the gpc weighoff. A little research reveled that both tomatoes were weighed after the cut off for early tomatoes. Now I have a bit of a dilemma. Do I give them a rank number or put them as UOW. If I give them a rank then I should do that with the -7.31 Palmer 2021- also. I don't know.... what do you guys think?

3/13/2022 12:34:07 PM


Tenino, WA.

Hi Scott this information may help you out. Both tomatoes were official weighed on a certified deli scale. Weighed at the same store on the same scale that was used to weigh my three largest tomatoes. The reason that they do not show is, I already weighed a 9.44 on 8/3/2020, 8.83 on 9/10/2020 & 8.71 on 8/11/2020. You cannot under bid on auctions or on the early tomato contest. Once you have weighed three tomatoes your next one has to be heavier than one of the three you already weighed. They were weighed well before the early tomato cutoff date. The 7.38 was weighed on 9/18/2020. The 7.06 was weighed on 9/19/2020. I still have the GPC early tomato forms for both tomatoes. That is a short coming of the early tomato contest many large tomatoes may never show in the GPC records because of the 3 and done rule. The rule is in place to make it easier on the GPC staff that monitors the early tomato contest.

I would like to know where in your research you found information that says the 7.38 & 7.06 were weighed after the cutoff date. That information and research is incorrect. You can list them anyway you want.

3/22/2022 1:46:57 AM


Central NY

( by the way… that’s why we call him “ sandbag Jack”. )

3/22/2022 12:56:23 PM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I don't know if it exactly said that. I found the information going through the old messages posted on here. I put them in the tree chart. They are listed in one GPC list but not the other. I might go through and renumber the tomatoes after I get done finishing the top 100 tomato genetic lineages.

3/22/2022 8:48:34 PM

Ken D.

Connecticut, USA

Maybe we need to add another tomato weigh-off to capture these "under bid" fruit? To make it easier on the GPC staff, it could be setup as Independent and a non-GPC person could do the data entry.

3/24/2022 7:24:46 AM

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