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Subject:  Colorado tomatoes

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Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I don't find an official state tomato record for Colorado.
Scanning the GPC records showed this.

4.65 2015 Bieser, Michael
Parent (3.08 Mailey) Delicous

3.69 2015 Johnston, Mark    
Parent (4.65 Thurber) Domingo

3.43 2018 Johnston, Mark        
Parent (3.69 Johnston) Domingo

3.28 2016 Bieser, Michael        
Parent (3.364 Thurber) Bezrazmernyi

3.28 2016 Johnston, Mark    
Parent (2.784 Thurber) Big Zac

3.20 2017 Brannan, Ted    
Parent (8.41 McCoy) Big Zac

3.04 2016 Johnston, Mark    
Parent(?) Domingo

2.95 2016 Johnson, Mark        
Parent(?) Big Zac

So my goal this year is a 4.75lb tomato and beat the Colorado state record. Hopefully this is obtainable. I've never weighed my tomatoes before but I've got a few big ones with just store bought tomatoes probably in the 1 1/2 to 2lb range.

3/7/2022 6:11:51 AM


Bloomington, IN USA

Best of luck!
Extreme altitude is a limiting factor.
What is your altitude?

3/8/2022 1:10:01 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

If you have balanced soil and reasonably good plant care you do have a chance... cold weather will be your friend more than the hot weather will. I'd try starting some at different times so you hit the correct weather. If you have a hoophouse with a heat source you could even start some now.

3/8/2022 2:29:19 PM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I'm at 5000 feet. It is far too cold yet here. It was 0F the other night. I can't really put anything in the ground till May unless I build temporary mini green house but even then if we get one of the wet 2' snows it will probably break it. Ive learned patience with planting. Ive planted some way early and then some a few weeks later and they pretty much grew the same rate.

3/8/2022 5:21:30 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Ok, I can see how shade and mist in the hot part of summer would be an easier problem than dealing with 2' of snow. We sometimes get the same blah weather until mid June so for me planting now isnt all that different from planting in April or May.

3/8/2022 9:07:16 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

... January through June can be surprisingly similar weather. And I dont want to wait until June! For me anyhow, the heat doesnt favor the megablooms.

3/8/2022 9:12:08 PM

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