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Subject:  Genetic tree revision 3-6-22 7+lb tomatoes

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Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


added a couple 7+ uow and dam. minor revision to the 9.09 La Rue tree.



it will also be in my diary

3/6/2022 7:51:07 AM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I've also started working on 6.99 to 6.50. I'm probably not adding them to the chart. Its such a pain in the butt to build that thing, trying to organize everything and make it all fit....blech. I might do a small chart for the delicious since after 7lb there are more than just one.

3/6/2022 9:58:19 AM


Bloomington, IN USA

Thanks for posting your trees. I am sure Marv approves!
I have saved it to my notes.
It would be nice if we could put it in a “sticky “ in an easily accessible spot.
One suggestion: The crosses you document now have given names that it would be helpful to have on your chart, as I suspect that these will be major players in the future.
In order, from left to right, they are MegaDom, Big Marley & MegaZac (which has 2 wings that each look promising).

3/8/2022 4:42:40 PM

Altitude (to)maters (Scott)


I will see about doing that next revision.

3/8/2022 5:11:35 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

Another giant variety that you could look into is Brutus Magnum.
The largest fruit and as far as I know, the predecessor of all of the fruit since was Marv Meisner’s 6.25 from 2011.
I had a 5.39 in 2016 which came from the 4.42 Fulk ‘14 but it isn’t clear where it came from. Fulk had a 4.78 Brutus Magnum fruit in 2013 so it could have come from that.
Zappa had a 4.63 or 4.65 in ‘14 (mother unknown) that Jay Yohe grew his 5.06 off of in 2020.
Documentation in the tomato equivalent of Pumpkinfanatic is rather poor unfortunately.

3/8/2022 5:15:32 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

Brutus Magnum produces a blocky fruit. I have grown 19 plants of it since 2013. My largest, 5.39, was only from a 2x bloom but I have seen 3x & 4x blooms on some plants. It may never produce a fruit over 7 pounds but it would be a good candidate to cross with Domingo, Big Zac or some of the other crosses.

3/8/2022 5:23:27 PM

wile coyote

On a cliff in the desert

Bnot crossed the Brutus Magnum with a Delicious to make the Delbrut. He's growing the F2? this year.

3/8/2022 5:34:49 PM

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