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Subject:  Growing sunflowers near tomato plants

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San Diego, CA

I was going dabble with growing giant sunflowers this season for fun. Got some nice seeds in the seed exchange. However, I just read that sunflowers are "allelopathic" and give off toxins from all their parts (roots, leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, etc.) that impedes the growth of other plants or even kill them. Has anyone experienced this with there tomato plants?

2/28/2022 10:05:06 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Sunflowers are hogs for water and nutrients around the base of the plant. I would consider within a couple feet a dead zone.

3/1/2022 1:36:43 AM


Team Canuckle Heads

Yep. Just like planting them under a walnut tree. Planted every other space with a sunflower and a tomato. All the tomatoes died

3/1/2022 9:07:22 AM


Honesdale, Pennsylvania

You can always plant them in a container! Join the 5 gallon bucket challenge if they hold it again this year. It was a lot of fun and I am waiting for Zeke to post the results but I may have gotten a top 10 in the world my first year out!

3/1/2022 10:35:20 AM

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