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Subject:  When is the winter grow signup?

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Centennial Colorado

When is there going to be a winter grow signup? I already started mine with an experiment.

10/27/2020 10:17:44 AM

Gritty Kins

Banned from bp

bnot was the main energy behind it & it sounds like he's focused on other things

10/27/2020 11:43:55 AM


Centennial Colorado

Who is going to run it if he can't?

10/27/2020 12:50:40 PM


Here I am.

Maybe G.Kins can do it. Since he won't be out in the garden he should have a lot of free time. You guys will need a volunteer. Is it a GPC sanctioned contest?

10/27/2020 1:26:33 PM

Gritty Kins

Banned from bp

I post a lot but I dont really have free time, as you may or may not know.

10/27/2020 4:29:25 PM

Gritty Kins

Banned from bp

Go for it Marv.

10/27/2020 4:36:22 PM


Here I am.

I am getting ready to head south and already have more than enough on my plate. Thanks anyway. It should be one of the growers who in the past has participated in it and understand how it works.

10/27/2020 6:29:48 PM


I hope people will still continue to grow in the winter. I won't be trying it this year or probably next. At some point, I will have the opportunity to dust off the winter equipment and try to figure out how to break the 4 pound indoor barrier.

The winter competition has been an informal competition for many years. It has been fun and a way to make winter go by much faster. If there is someone overlooking the competition great. If not, everyone can still grow.

97pounder! , you have already started. Maybe you should just make a post asking who else is going to try it this year. That will give you a group of growers that can compare notes and offer each other advise.

Best of luck to all

10/29/2020 5:12:44 AM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

I am taking the winter grow up a notch this year, increasing my container size from 2.5 gallons to 20 gallons! Maybe my tomato will increase from 2 pounds to 20 also?

10/29/2020 7:24:09 AM

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