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Subject:  Looking to trade seeds and some advice over the wi

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Hawesville, ky

Anybody willing to do some seeds swapping and maybe help me with some advice on growing giant maters this winter. I have several canteloupe and watermelon seeds to offer for trade along with some advice or help growing them for anybody interested. I grew 2 big zac plants this year but they didn't get treated different than the other maters in the greenhouse and had a couple on 1 plant over 3 pounds by luck I'm sure. I'd like to try a couple different varieties and give them love to see what might be best for my climate in KY. Thanks Email: mccaslin.nick2@gmail.com

10/15/2020 8:08:14 AM


Hertfordshire, UK

Marv’s newer online book: http://www.gianttomatoes.com/registration_form_gianttomatoes.php or evening the older paperback is a great start in advise.

Variety wise, try a few - Big Zac, Domingo, Delicious are a few - and a few crosses of the same to see what works. And in a given season, it may be that some varieties do better than others.

Seed starts to be available now (yet to harvest my last tomato tho) with requests to the grower or via auctions that happen over the winter months. I can drop an email on that too.

Happy growing!

10/16/2020 4:56:35 PM


Hawesville, ky

Oh wow thank you salad doug. I appreciate the info!

10/16/2020 8:36:09 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

I haven’t forgot about you nick!

10/17/2020 7:58:14 AM

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