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Subject:  BIG WIXOM / 6.23 Domingo Contest update !!!

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wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

Ok its time to find out how everyone did in the big wixom and my 6.23 konieczny Domingo DMG .

I need everyone who got either or both of these seeds to scale to post their weight and which seed it came from !!! Their is a payout to each seed
1st $50
2nd $25
3rd $10

Also if you have a picture post in your diary let me see it ! Good luck and let me know if you still have one still growing.

9/28/2020 7:02:22 PM


Team Canuckle Heads

Didn't know there was a contest for both. I couldn't get a "Big Wixom" to germinate but have a 3.61 lb. off the 6.23

9/28/2020 7:24:52 PM

Kerry gross

Thomas wv

4.19 big wixom

9/28/2020 8:29:45 PM



Weighed a couple from the Big Wixom so far, best is 3.61 also that I just weighed last weekend in Bloomfield. Pics are in my diary. Have one more that's starting to put on some size, but temps are going to be pretty cool for us this week going forward for several days so will have to see how it ends up.

9/28/2020 8:30:21 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

4.83 Big Wixom. Photo the on the scale in the diary from a few days ago.

9/28/2020 9:18:48 PM


Coventry Rhode Island USA

3.46 big wixom on the diary 7 /25 Entry
And a 3.70 lbs on the 6.23 konieczny DMG 8 /15 , entry on diary !
Thanks great stuff !

9/29/2020 12:21:52 AM


New Berlin,NY

5.37 from the 6.23 which I weighed at Woodstock. My best big wixom was 2.82 which I didn’t take pics of.

9/29/2020 10:20:45 AM


Bloomington, IN USA

2.26 on the 6.23 Konieczny Domingo
2.67 on the Big Wixom from a 4x blossom but didn’t grow like a 4x
My Big Wixom also had a 6x blossom that I thought had taken last week but alas it did not.:(

9/29/2020 11:15:04 PM

Ned (team slammer)

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

I had a 3.3 on the 6.23; and I grew a 3.42 and a 4.37 on the same plant of the Big Wixom. Pics in my diary. I will definitely be planting those from the Big Wix next year.

9/30/2020 9:55:44 AM

John Butler

Team Canuckle Heads

I got 1big wixom to germinate
It grew a 4.57 lb tomato

10/7/2020 1:16:44 PM

ESheel31(team sLamMer)

Eastern Shore of VA

Nothing on either unfortunately.
Seeds germinated,nice plants.
Heat,torrential rain ,hurricanes,and early blight says nothing for me this year.

10/11/2020 6:04:16 PM



My plants, are still alive 8 months old I reckon just a pity I'm not a better grower now setting atleast I can get seeds atleast

10/23/2020 4:35:56 PM

wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

Im waiting on one more Big Wixom tomato to finnish up !

10/23/2020 10:09:42 PM

Soopr Sizr

Littleton, Colorado

nothing on the 6.23 Konieczny
2.14 on the Big Wixom

10/23/2020 10:24:41 PM

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