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Subject:  Seriously!

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Aurora, Il

What else are you hiding Garden Rebel in that wood pile!


9/10/2020 10:42:58 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

Thanks Biddy. I planted 17 plants of the 6.66 Big Marley F2. Two plants created these freakish huge trusses with huge tomatoes. Obviously they are different from the others. Never have seen anything like it. Just huge singles. A few plants had larger megablooms which is what I wanted. The largest of that is still green and growing now. rickspaziani@yahoo.com

9/11/2020 12:43:04 AM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

I was able to grow a 2.36 tomato from a single blossom of the 6.66 Spaziani on the first truss. This truss I am seeing more megablooms.

9/11/2020 1:56:21 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Even bigger
Unreal!!!... go rebel go!!

9/11/2020 8:28:13 AM


Aurora, Il

Time to start manually pumping water. Hopefully, you get power back on. The next mater looks like porkchop...oh, sorry!

9/11/2020 3:28:38 PM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

O...M...G Garden Rebel! Woot!

Best wishes with the fire and smoke situation there!

9/11/2020 5:17:48 PM

ESheel31(team sLamMer)

Eastern Shore of VA

I think you’ve got this tomato thing figured out.
How do your cucumbers look ?

Stay safe Rebel !

9/11/2020 6:05:13 PM

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