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Subject:  Fake or Funny ?

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Udo Karkos ( GGVG Team 1)

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Who but me recognized the "Time Warp Tomato" at Facebook?

It should have been 14 days old at July 11th
It should have been 3 weeks old at July 26th
It should have been 56 days old at August 20th

I´m not able to put these together with my calendar, LOL.

It´s told to measure 27 inch circumference at August 22nd and ended up with a weight of less than 5 lbs August 27th.

8/30/2020 3:41:09 AM

SaladDoug_UK (Rebel Rousers)

Hertfordshire, UK

Those pesky Domingos weighing light! That was a fair bit light.

Last year I had an out of season Domingo (was kept growing for seeds) which hit 27 inches. I knew tho, it had a big internal cavity which I could see - from memory the size of a cricket ball or more. It was off a caterpillar bloom. It came in at 5.57 on home scales.

Tape: http://www.bigpumpkins.com/Diary/DiaryViewOne.asp?eid=311036

Scales: http://www.bigpumpkins.com/Diary/DiaryViewOne.asp?eid=311091

8/30/2020 4:05:34 AM

wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

Lol.... I seen that too !!! Keep you guessing huh !!! :-)

8/30/2020 8:34:39 AM

Udo Karkos ( GGVG Team 1)

Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

I had a look at your off season monsterrrr
Looks like a mating ball of green Garter Snakes ;-)

...then I had to search for the size of a cricket ball,
that´s big for a free space inside of a tomato.

this doesn´t meet to the tomato I´ve told about.
I saw pictures of it in hands of two different man,
if not both of them are at least 7 feet tall...
not grown of a caterpillar blossom,
no cavern at all in the middle...

8/31/2020 12:25:34 AM

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