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Subject:  welcome back weird wint

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Oak Grove, Mn

I see weird wint (austin) making some diary posts. Hoping he is getting ready thinking about how to break the california record. I know life takes people away from growing sometimes...hopefully, those that are special can find their way back to the crazy fun of giant vegetables. Tomato weird and you fit well.

1/10/2020 5:39:36 PM

wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

Yes, nobody can grow a toe-mato like weird wint !!! Welcome back.

1/10/2020 7:00:23 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Welcome back Cali man. You know the only chance Ive got of seeing sunlight for the next two months is if you post some pics of it lol.

1/12/2020 10:29:54 AM

Weird Wint (Tomatoes)

Newcastle, CA

Thanks guys!

I got the greenhouse up, now to start some seeds!

It was about 55 degrees outside yesterday.

1/13/2020 11:02:48 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

It won't be 55 here until maybe march. I am curious how the new greenhouse works out for you. I still have to figure out how to build some cold frames for early may when I will be at work and not be in a position to open them when the temps get too hot. Have you figured out how your are going to deal with mid-day cooling?

1/13/2020 7:00:49 PM

Weird Wint (Tomatoes)

Newcastle, CA

There are 12 vent type windows on the sides. I'm hoping those allow summer growing. My main reason for the greenhouse is to keep critters away from my stuff, since there is so much wildlife here. I will likely have to roll up the big man door in the front and screen that off as well when its really hot. I'm looking forward to some veggies!

1/14/2020 11:07:12 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Hammer pants NY

Lookin good wierd wint...way to kick some tail in those gardens!...hope people are watching...you can do this...#10orNuthin

1/31/2020 8:29:35 AM

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