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Subject:  Porkchops 6.36!

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Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

Congratulations in order on Porkchops 6.36! Just saw it on the GPC tomato list.

9/13/2019 12:39:44 PM

wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

Congratulations porkchop something tells me this is your 3rd place mater ???

9/13/2019 2:53:20 PM

Ned (team slammer)

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

hmmmmmmmmmm wouldn't bet the farm on that

9/13/2019 3:48:05 PM

ESheel31(team sLamMer)

Eastern Shore of VA

Hahahahahahahahahaha !
(Diabolical laughter.)
Hahahahahahahahahaha !

#team sLaMMer

9/13/2019 5:57:49 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

That was on his diary 2 days ago.
He still has Wilson & Frank still coming.

9/13/2019 6:57:56 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

hmmm...might be close top 3 from porkchop vs garden rebel. Impressive year for both of you.

9/13/2019 7:06:38 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Team SLaMMEr!!!!....thanks guys!

9/13/2019 8:23:08 PM


bloomington Indiana

Congrats Porker

9/13/2019 8:47:18 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Nice Mater. Congrats Porkchop.

9/14/2019 11:32:17 AM

Rick j.

stoughton WI

Congrats porkchop

9/14/2019 7:22:17 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Congratulations porkchop, that a beast....awesome!

9/14/2019 11:08:24 PM

andrew943 GWG

Liberty nc

That’s awesome!!!

9/15/2019 9:48:01 AM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

But wait, there's MORE! lol

9/16/2019 2:42:51 AM

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