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Subject:  Dan Sutherland around?

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Central PA

Has anyone heard anything from Dan of late? I was expecting him to grow a 10 pounder this year. I am doubting anyone will outdo his 9.4 pound monster from last season. After his giant last year I thought of changing my name to "Green with envy."

9/12/2019 3:06:25 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

Still the top grower in the world in my opinion. And again, in my opinion, the pressure to share seeds with clubs and share information maybe is too much for the guy? I don’t know him but I’m pretty sure he just wants to grow his tomatoes and be left alone on his farm. The part about grower interaction is not his thing? I don’t know. He has that right I guess.

Pretty sure Eddy’s 10 pound tomato challenge unleashed earlier this year pretty much turned him off. It seems to be built on the opposite of what happened last year and it’s suppose to discourage it.
Giant vegetable growing fellowship is what keeps this hobby alive and growers improving. Seeds for clubs and information to help growers.

So Marv, in my opinion, that’s why you haven’t seen Dan. The best grower in the world. Maybe not the best people person, but hey, he can do whatever he wants right? I do hope we see a 10 pounder whether it be you, Porkchop, or Dan. And with everyone’s help...it’ll happen.

Here is Eddy’s 10 pound tomato challenge link from way back in the Spring for those that didn’t know and as a refresher.
Thank you Eddy!

9/12/2019 3:41:21 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

I just checked on Wilson....dan whO?

9/12/2019 7:57:40 PM


Central PA

Old Chinese saying, "Can't count chicken until egg is hatched?" "The end of the tale is when it is on the scale." Catchy eh?

9/13/2019 8:37:45 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Confuses say...” it is true ,from the scale you cannot hide, but don’t be a prick and ruin the ride”....

9/13/2019 8:53:04 AM


Central PA

Ride with pride but sooner or later you will not be able to hide. The scale awaits and, of course, I personally will be wanting some seeds. lol

9/13/2019 10:01:56 AM

Ned (team slammer)

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Til the Fat Lady sings Dan is still number one;
This Tomato Challenge should all be for fun;

Don't let your butt get all bunched in a pucker;
And never be the guy who is called a fun sucker;

Pork Chop is on the edge of something truly Great;
Haters are gonna Hate and tomatoes will Tomate:

Lets root the guy on as Wilson nears the flashing Sun;
And if he should fall short, Dan will remain as number one;

We all need to remember, it's not all about first place;
Lets all get on board and Enjoy this wild chase!

9/13/2019 11:49:23 AM


Team Canuckle Heads

Confuses also says "girl who fly upside down in airplane bound to have crack up"

9/13/2019 12:09:36 PM

Mark G.


Porkchop, no truer words were ever spoken. I'm never disappointed in your words of wisdom. Keep'em growing.

Good day to you sir!
Mark G.

9/13/2019 12:13:02 PM

the big one

Walkerton Ont


9/13/2019 1:04:49 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

I used to be good friends with Dan. Until he found out about my divorce and started to give me religious sermons. I can not handle that. I wish him success by himself. I prefer the company of the other growers.

9/13/2019 7:14:30 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Thanks Rebel for the thread on Eddy's 10 pound challenge. I didn't post, I must have been really distracted that week. Trust me, Eddy has done more to help the tomato growers than probably anyone else. His efforts have kept propelling this little fruit further along. It has far to go...but I am sure Eddy will be supportive of every step the materheads make.

9/13/2019 7:25:34 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Tomatoes tomate?...sounds like a mistake,
But If poems thrill you, I’ll surely partake.
Yes is true that dan has gone quiet,
And to hear of the sermons is truly a riot.
Not all is lost though , bob can attest,
His tomato is still the biggest, if not the best.
But To me Garden Rebel hit the nail on the head,
It’s about the fun, the friendship,(and dick pics from Ned).
if Wilson falls short when the scale rings true,
Doesn’t matter to me, cuz Dan is a huge number TWO!!

9/13/2019 9:04:51 PM


Central PA

When is this tomato ever going to get on the scale? Is there a tentative delivery date? This is much like the end of a pregnancy. When do I get my seeds? That last poem was just too much. Should Big Pumpkins announce a Poet Laureate? I nominate Porkchop.

9/13/2019 9:39:41 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

lol...soon marv!...And yer first on my list for seeds!

9/13/2019 9:47:01 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

Great poem.

9/14/2019 12:52:20 AM

mobymikeguide (Team Beard)


WTF are guys smoking and why aren't you sharing?

9/14/2019 3:28:30 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

tomato leaves beard...haven't you tried them? Just have to cure them correctly. The best way is to dry them in the aroma of smoldering camel dung for 2 weeks. Very similar preparation to Latakia. The effects of smoking this are profound...Wow, tomato growers are strange.

9/14/2019 6:26:20 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

I am not ok with # 4 of Eddy Z's tomato 10 Pound Challenge. Has Eddy actually given $3000 to the GPC for this challenge? If my tomato was seized at a weigh off because it was 10 pounds, I want to paid my $3000 right then. I think harvesting seeds and sending them to clubs should be handled outside of a weigh off instead of at the weigh off. Distribution of seeds would be done by club seed requests for auction. Until the GPC confirms they have received $3000 from Eddy Z., I am against it because I would have no recourse if Eddy Z. would renege on it and my tomato was seized without my permission.

9/14/2019 6:48:37 PM


Central PA

I won't have to deal with this as a 10 pound tomato is not on my horizon. And since early tomatoes are not weighed at a GPC site who takes the tomato? Coyote, would you be willing to give away half of a tomato? Dan is trying to finish building a house and so he is really tied up and spending much less time with his garden. I am sure he will let someone know if he cracks the ten pound mark. Don't count on any seeds though as I am certain he is still perfecting them.

9/14/2019 7:00:39 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY


9/14/2019 7:07:03 PM


Central PA

Porkchop....burrrrp. Oops, he forgot to weigh it.

9/14/2019 7:52:03 PM


Southampton UK

Well done for this WR monster Tomato porkchop !!! Brawo

12/15/2019 3:51:12 AM

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