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Subject:  New early tomato form is up

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President - GPC

Please use this new web form for any and all early tomato entrees. We are no longer accepting any written forms. Jeff has been asked to refuse further written forms, and request growers use electronic form.

Thank you


9/2/2019 11:09:47 AM

Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

I like it. Thanks Wizzy. So 2 witnesses are required no matter the size?

9/2/2019 11:57:58 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Just tried it for practice...wow...very cool...decimal point couldn’t be added to enter official weigh from my iPhone prompt keypad...still went through though ..eezy peezy from the phone...hopefully I find witnesses that will give up their cell phone numbers...great work setting this up

9/2/2019 12:29:22 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

I used it last week.
Is this a new form or just the same one?

9/2/2019 1:32:37 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

New thing materdoc ....easy from the smart phone

9/2/2019 5:09:50 PM



Thanks for testing Porkchop!

I have changed the field to allow for decimal places on any device. Thank you for testing on the iPhone.


9/2/2019 6:11:15 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Great work ANDY!!!....(might wanna hang onto this one wizzy....just sayin)

9/2/2019 6:30:27 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Andy is great...I have been delayed in the mission in my life but I stlll remember conversations Andy. Growers...Andy need more Server HP...Get it to him...it is for our benefit.

9/2/2019 6:50:48 PM

Chris L


I re-submitted an entry that I posted earlier today. It seemed to be a more reliable and accurate way to do this. You must have all the required information ready to go or it won't go through. I had to take another picture mid-way and down-load it to finish the process. I could not get a signature done in the signature section. There must be a way to do that as well.

9/2/2019 7:15:50 PM

SaladDoug_UK (Rebel Rousers)

Hertfordshire, UK

Sounds like our might be an idea to say what information might be needed e.g photos from set angles of needed before starting.

Not tried the form as yet but don't want to submit dummy entries either as waste folks time (tho keen to see what's involved / needed)

9/3/2019 7:43:32 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Easy easy salad Doug...and congrats Chris, that’s a Slammer!..the way the form is set up it doesn’t allow you to go forward unless the info is added...very slick...tells you what pics go where...this will solve a lot of issues...and save a lot of work for those keeping track!!

9/3/2019 9:23:14 AM


President - GPC

We agree, testing is over it is working quite well.



9/3/2019 10:37:07 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

I have checked this out from the first page on the website. I don't have one to weigh yet, so I didn't go further. I will also try to see how it works on my iphone. From what I can tell, this looks like a great improvement. Really thankful to you GPC....I think you actually care about the mater growers.

9/3/2019 5:55:28 PM


Tenino, WA.

A word of caution when using the new form and checking the condition boxes be careful with the last question, "was the entirety of the fruit connected". I got so busy checking no no,no to the questions that I checked no on the last question. I had to cancel and started over.

9/4/2019 1:50:33 AM


Burt NY

The new form requires witness's E Mail address. People do not like to give out so much of their info.

my opinion should be taken off

9/9/2019 9:24:52 AM

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