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Subject:  need feedback...gpc new early tomato submission

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Oak Grove, Mn

I am wondering. With the new GPC procedure for early tomatoes, do growers think that it is too difficult to justify the effort. I know myself..unless i am close to my PB, I don't think I will submit one. Of course, in previous years, I did not submit one either.

What do you think...I know gpc reads these boards.

8/29/2019 2:34:59 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

If you don’t submit it just be wary of the crybabies that will bitch that it isn’t gpc recognized...;)

8/29/2019 2:49:46 PM


Central PA

The difficulty in not registering is that if others grow the seed in the future they may not be able to determine the genetics of the seed. That doesn't really matter though since very few give accurate information anyway as to whether their seed is Big Zac or Domingo or some kind of a cross or something else altogether. If the seed is not to be passed on it makes absolutely no difference registered or not.

8/29/2019 4:49:23 PM


Fullerton, California

I think that all the fame and money that comes from getting your name on the list is worth filling out a few lines and sending in a few pictures. I live in So. Cal. and only have one local weigh off about 30 min away, the others are about 7 hrs away. I just wish the GPC would extend the deadline to the end of October or even to the end of the year.

8/29/2019 11:30:16 PM

Kerry gross

Thomas wv

I'm lost with so I never registered my 4.02 not that I did not try

8/30/2019 7:54:10 AM

Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

I thought it was pretty painless and appreciate the GPC for making this available. Difficult? Come on, you guys load 1500+ pound pumpkins every year!

8/30/2019 9:56:30 AM


President - GPC

Dear Mater Heads... The GPC realizes that the current upgrade to the Xcel doc isnt working the way we want. We almost have in place a web facing document that replaces the excel need, and it will be available shortly. Once this is linked up on our site and we have it tested... We will no longer accept ANY written entrees for the early tomato contest.

The new form requires only an internet connection as you can even use your phone. Its just too difficult to try and read some of the handwriting on written entrees and is time consuming trying to get it corrected, which is important.

Coming Soon.... Thanks for your inputs.

8/30/2019 10:32:14 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Thanks wiz...can’t stress our appreciation enough for the guys and gals of the gpc volunteering thier time to help the rest of us out...especially in-season like this...mega kudos...keep up the great work!!

8/30/2019 2:24:33 PM

Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

just one thing. there was a massive hacking breach in the state of NY. Please don't accept any entries from there for the time being.... for national security and all....

8/30/2019 3:33:18 PM


President - GPC

Gotcha Wolf, we will watch out for those for sure.... :)

8/30/2019 3:58:14 PM


Gone With The Win

Thanks Wizzy

8/30/2019 6:14:33 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

Works great for me. Photo, print, fill out, send. The only difficult part is the paper in my printer jams sometimes. Thanks Wizzy for the continued evolution of this form which only helps promote giant tomato growing!

8/30/2019 6:58:27 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Thank you wizzy, my growing situation is so bad, I haven't tried the early tomato submission yet. From what I can tell, it looks like the growers that grow the lower weights are not filling out the early tomato entry form. A web based entry form sounds ideal to me. Make it easy for the growers, make it so there can not be questions, make it easy for the gpc to enter it. Sounds like a triple win. I know the GPC works hard. I really appreciate all your efforts.

8/30/2019 8:33:30 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

I submitted 2 entries to the GPC today.
I was leery about it because it was my first time with it.
But it seemed to go well.
We will see if it takes, kind of like a pollination, ha!

8/30/2019 11:24:03 PM

SaladDoug_UK (Rebel Rousers)

Hertfordshire, UK

Wow - I had not clocked that the GPC submission is only until the September 30th of each year!

Happy to be corrected - but I think there is just one GPC official weigh off in the entire UK (12th Oct this year, Southampton.

So sounds like it's that or bust to be registered under the GPC until the 12 Oct! And unregistered, given no other options to weigh in, after that.

My plants are rolling late this due for personal reasons, so a few tomatoes will be late season.

8/31/2019 5:04:47 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

I really wish the GPC could make it so the winter growers could enter official weights. My best in winter is only 2.5 pounds, but every year I learn more. I think 5 pounds in winter is coming soon. Winter grow is just as enjoyable for me as the summer grow.

8/31/2019 5:12:51 PM

wixom grower (TEAM HAMMER)

Home of the 12 lb tomato

I agree, i wish that early tomato entry would last at least till October 31 for growers in the southern states or other countries like spain. Many southern states can grow into mid November and most sothern states dont have the weighoffs that we have in the north. It wouldn't effect me because i am usually done before October 1 but many weighoffs sites don't even do weights for tomatoes ???

8/31/2019 8:14:33 PM

ESheel31(team sLamMer)

Eastern Shore of VA

I can grow all the way up until thanksgiving here.
That’s usually when the first frost comes.

8/31/2019 8:58:51 PM

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