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Subject:  150 Square Feet Contest results for 2019

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Everywhere there are growers

2019 has been the most noteworthy year for the 150 square feet pumpkin contest. Originally the speculation was just how big of a pumpkin could one grow in only 150 square feet. That question was quickly replaced with who WILL grow the first 1000 pound pumpkin. In each of the past 5 years we get closer but yet a few pounds short. 2019 is not the year of the first 1k pumpkin in 150 sq. ft. but instead the barrier was smashed by John Butler of Canada with his amazing 1175.6 pound pumpkin. Congratulations John Butler.

The contest has been open to pumpkins of all colors and Joe Jutras of Rhode Island was not going to let the green squash be ignored in the contest so he brought a World Record 150 square ft. Green Squash to the scale at an incredible 1109 pounds. Congratulations to Joe Jutras for adding yet another World Record to your collection.

These two world class growers didn’t pause at the 1000 pound level but went direct to over 1100 pounds. In a world where two thirds of all the pumpkins grown in any size patch are less than 1000 pounds these 2 growers have done it in an unthinkably small area.

A hallmark of the 150 sq. ft. contest has been fairness and honesty. In a year when so many of the contestants didn’t get to the scale for various reasons we give a special Tip of the Team-Pumpkin Cap to them. Well done.

1 John Butler        1175.6, World Record 150 SQ FT Pumpkin
2 Joe Jutras        1109, World Record 150 SQ FT Squash
3 Bret Cooper        915.5
4 Dustin Trychta    839
5 Brandon Clayton    283

Tom Knight        313, exceeded area before pollination
John Young        359 DMG UOW    
Ron Wallace        750 EST lost pumpkin in Aug.
James Champagne    50 EST
Steve Reid        aborted    
Tony Hoffman        aborted    
Jorg Wagler        Virus, July
Martin / Cuerbitrix     out of bounds, no result    
Gene McMullen        lost in Aug. stem problem
Joy Kaminski        split, Sept
Reed Thoma        eaten by deer
Eddy Z            no result
Daniel Leon        no result

10/31/2019 9:21:45 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

I had lots of aborts. Should have been in there at 500-600 lb. Not half that.
But cant claim I know what I am doing. I think 800 plus means you know what you are doing. Awesome growers to watch. Congrats...

10/31/2019 4:50:16 PM


Team Canuckle Heads

Congrats John

10/31/2019 7:28:12 PM


Everywhere there are growers

I apologize but I overlooked and omitted one additional contestant in my listing above.

Adam Lengerich grew a 1148 pound pumpkin which also earned him a HD award. However for our contest he self-dq’d because his plant had grown out of bounds. Thank you Adam for your fair play and congrats on your pumpkin.

11/1/2019 10:27:38 AM


Spokane Washington

Great job to all 150 contestants! Most American gardeners dont have access to huge gardens so your work inspires new growers to compete!

Thank you 150 growers!

Gerry and Dani,

11/1/2019 9:57:58 PM


Morgantown, WV

I also appreciate the honesty of this contest, and enjoyed the reporting of failed attempts with official results. It is nice to see where our friends end up no matter the results.

Was definitely trying to pass 1k myself, but adding 133 pounds to my personal best in 150 and hitting towards the top of this heavy duty list of growers feels great!

A big thanks to Team Pumpkin! They got a great crew!

11/2/2019 7:54:59 AM

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