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Subject:  Seed etiquette

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Lymington UK

Every year Stuart and I send out literally hundreds of seed packs to growers promising to plant them.
When we look through diaries we are very disappointed to see certain growers not planting the seeds.
We started this year with well over 350 2433 seeds and only have a personal stock of 9 left.
It that age old problem of some greedy growers collecting huge amounts of seed and waiting for the next 2145.
With this in mind, next year we will only give our seeds to all the clubs.
If a grower proves that they have planted our seeds we with happily give them seeds again
There is nothing like getting an email from an excited grower telling us that they have beaten their pb with one of our seeds.
Ian and Stuart

6/24/2019 6:42:55 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Agreed. Before I ask a person for a seed I promise myself (and the grower) that I will grow at least one of that growers seeds in the coming season.

6/24/2019 7:52:28 AM


Central Illinois

Growing a 1949 right now, its my best out of three but it's still doing poorly due to my weather, Ive grown several other of yours.

6/24/2019 8:02:12 AM


Walhalla, ND.

I personally haven’t had the privilege of having one or growing one of yours. But given the chance you can bet I would.

6/24/2019 8:59:07 AM

pumpkin kid


been doing that for quite a few years now only asking for seed im gonna plant Jerry

6/24/2019 11:16:20 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Same here, I only request seeds that I am going to grow and very often only contact one grower for seeds per year.

This year, I wanted to try the 2255 Eddy Z, and he was nice enough to send me an assortment of seeds including the 2255 EZ, which is tearing up our patch right now.

Totally understood Ian, thanks for all the advice, information and details over the years. Your mentoring has helped me a great deal.


6/24/2019 11:46:26 AM

Dorset Farmers - MarkB

Dorset UK

I never know what to do regarding seeds,
Since the gpc decided to add marrow to there list the demand for my marrow seeds rose, I've never really received many requests for seeds until this year lol.
I've happily sent seeds to any auctions that asked for them and seen lots go for up to €150 but is it really fair for me to then send seeds to other growers that ask for them for free? I appreciate that not everyone can afford to pay auction prices so what do you do? I just asked growers for trades and received more seeds last year that I could possibly grow so I have to apologise if anyone has got the hump that I didn't grow theirs.
What I don't like so much are these growers that sell their own seeds for their own gains because this doesn't help the clubs!!!
Ian, Stuart sent me a 2433 and so far it's growing great (for my standards) so thanks a lot!!

6/24/2019 1:56:51 PM


Watlington, UK

It's quite possible that the seeds were planted and either didn't germinate or weren't chosen to make the final selection. I for one germinate (or try to) about 8-10 different seeds but at the end of the day I can only grow one plant.

6/24/2019 5:10:31 PM


Peosta, Iowa

Thanks Ian and Stuart! The 2433 is one of my 4 in my Greenhouse. Crossed it wth the 2528

6/24/2019 7:11:49 PM

mobymikeguide (Team Beard)


Thanks for 2433 I started it along with 2528 in hopes of crossing those big girls unfornatley neither of them made the cut, but they were gifted to a friend who was eager to try growing a giant.

6/24/2019 9:23:24 PM


North Pole,Alaska

I also didn't know your seeds were available and would have jumped at the chance to try one aeroponically, especially since you always provide so much information in your diary for comparison purposes. Completely understand your decision, though. Best of luck again this year.

6/24/2019 11:29:12 PM


East Sussex, UK

I understand the concern. I am personally growing your 2070, 1798 and 2048 and grew your 1949 last year. I didn't dare to ask for the 2433 but would have definitely grown it given the chance. I'll have to grow a 2433 progeny next year!

6/25/2019 4:25:03 AM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

While this has nothing to do with me I just want to mention that we all occasionally get a seed that won’t germinate. That said, I do think about the few popular seeds I’ve produced over the years and where they all went.

6/25/2019 6:24:15 AM


Morgantown, WV

If I ask for someone's seeds, I at least try to email them a picture around planting time to let them know it was sprouted. I no longer promise to grow, but if I ask you to send them, I will definitely sprout it and choose the best out of my total number of sprouts.

I have long wondered what is considered "etiquette" when it comes to seeds, especially the higher weight, more expensive seeds. Thank you for starting the discussion Ian, and for your generosity with me in the past.

6/25/2019 6:29:58 AM


Central Illinois

For the heck of it I counted what I have, 27 in total and I bought or won nearly half of them.

6/25/2019 8:18:15 AM


Have to agree with them 100%. They are not the first of the good growers to do this, for that very reason - - hoarding.
I asked the same thing from people when I gave away my excess seeds from auctions. Just attempt to germinate them and if they do not make the grade, fully understood.

6/25/2019 10:09:35 AM

Orange U. Glad


Very reasonable point, Ian. IMO, it is totally up to the grower what happens with their seeds. If they want to sell them for cash only, give them to clubs to auction, or give them away for free, it is all good. I think every grower with a popular seed would like to see it hit the dirt.

If you don't put a value on your seed then those who receive them might not either. Since it was free, that makes it easier to store and easier to cull as part of a plant competition.

6/25/2019 10:46:07 AM

The Pumpkinguru

Cornelius, Oregon

For better or for worse, seed trading sure has changed, be it postage costs, hoarding (guilty), grower ability selectivity, or whatever. Much more difficult to play a hunch if you have to win something in an auction since you have never grown something from a grower, or set yourself up for a few years with a favorite seed, or just simply trade with everyone. I guess I just need to keep up with the times.

6/25/2019 12:31:17 PM


Hopedale Ohio

I wish I would of been in contact with you sooner Ian. I've bought my seeds the last few years from the Barnsville Festival, which I like to contribute to but it's nice to have a couple extra seeds to start. I have gotten free seeds in the past from Mr Don, Ron Wallace and AD but it's nice to know there's still people like you and your brother out there that try to help folks like me out. If I have extra in the spring I always have friends asking me for seeds and each year I grow there's a couple more I've helped out. I enjoy seeing them start a new hobby.

6/25/2019 3:31:51 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

I hear what Ian is saying. This past winter I gave away lots of AG, tomato seeds, sunflower, and even Giant cantaloupe seeds from auction lots I won. I haven't seen anyone posting in their diary what I have given them. Not even a mention of trying to germinate them. I told people the AG seeds I was giving them were from people who gave me seeds that I don't have the room to grow everything. The tomato seeds that I gave away had good genetics but as a first year tomato grower I didn't grow many 4+ pound tomatoes. I makes me rethink about giving away free seeds even if it is a new grower. I don't remember if I told them I expected them to grow them not put in a box.

6/25/2019 4:49:48 PM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

If anyone has sent me seeds at their expense and I didnt plant them... Email me and they will be in the top of the lineup for next year!

Stay on the Pattons good side...

6/25/2019 5:53:36 PM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

Amen brother!

6/25/2019 6:57:19 PM

Orange U. Glad


It would be an interesting poll to see what people's intentions are when requesting free premium seeds. I would list these as the options in regards to the viewpoint of the person requesting free seeds:

A. It is okay to store the free premium seeds which may or may not be germinated.

B. It is okay to use free premium seeds as back-ups plants which may not see the dirt.

C. It is okay to use free premium seeds as a part of plant competition which may be culled even though healthy.

d. Unless plant is abnormal or damaged, it should see dirt and allowed to grow throughout the season.

6/26/2019 11:45:12 AM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

Orange, you should start a separate post for your poll.

6/26/2019 12:19:19 PM

Orange U. Glad


Okay, I was just saying that it would be an interesting poll. But I will put it in a separate thread.

6/26/2019 1:04:32 PM

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