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Subject:  For Ken I have 3 Qs

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Devon uk

Hi Ken, at the risk of becoming Known as an old whinger, I have to ask.
Q1~ Why do my diary entries still have to go through the Moderator.
Q2.~Where is the premium members only message board,
Q3,~Why can't i get my diary list's into alphabetical order clicking on the heading does not work.
Ken i am sorry to bother you as i know you are very busy with loads of stuff going on. but i would just like things to work as they should.
I paid for my premium membership via Paypal and they acknowledged my payment to BP but, BP did not,Do you think this has any thing to do with it. Best wishes Dave,

11/29/2013 5:21:02 AM


East Jordan, MI


email ken direct at ken at bigpumpkins.com, I'm not sure how often he checks the message boards.

12/2/2013 8:03:48 PM

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