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Subject:  1039 Simpson 2007 (801.5 x 670)

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Nic Welty

That State Up North

Has anyone grown this? Why wasn't this planted? On paper it looks like it would make some real nice looking pumpkins.

1/23/2019 7:13:51 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I remember that seed, I would have planted it if I had one.

1/24/2019 12:23:47 PM

Joe V


Nic, I grew the reverse of that one. The 667 Simpson (07). I wasn't able to keep any fruit on the plant. The pumpkins kept "exploding" on me at around day 10. The issue was that I had at least 800 Sq Ft of plant by the time I could pollinate. I started the plant early and built heated hoop house's for them. I expanded the hoop house's as the plant grew. It was a very neon yellow pumpkin, and shiny, I think it would have been a great color if I managed to keep one.

1/30/2019 5:24:47 PM

Joe V


It's the 1038 Simpson. I believe there aren't any seeds. I think that is what Skip told me, can't remember for sure.

1/30/2019 5:47:43 PM

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