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Subject:  887 Johnson and 1013 Johnson

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NE Arkansas

Guys tell me your opinions on the 887 and 1013 seeds. They look very promising for orange to me. Tried to grow the 1013 in 2017 and lost it to yvd before fruit set. Plant was great and didn't seem to be bothered by my heat.



1/17/2019 12:03:39 AM

Green Toe


I'm growing the 887 this year I thought it was a good cross

1/17/2019 1:55:07 PM


nsw Australia.

jlindley; just letting you know, i grew the 887 this season. the plant was one of the best i've grown. i had two plants in the same area, and the other one got badly affected with powdery mildew, the 887 was almost mildew free at the end. every one down here in our area had a very ordinary season. our seeds took ages to shoot, because of cold nights; and my fruit was only 61 days from pollination, at contest time. i'm happy with the outcome, because i won the competition, with the 887;
weighing in at 374 kgs; i wish i had another 887 seed, i would definitely grow it again. and it was a very nice orange colour;
best of luck with it;

1/17/2019 4:59:59 PM


NE Arkansas

Garry do you have a picture of the 374? I would love to see it

1/18/2019 8:37:06 PM


nsw Australia.

sorry about the delay, but i needed a few day's fishing;
i only just read your reply when i got home.
what is your e-mail---garry

1/23/2019 12:10:03 AM

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