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Subject:  Pics of the 1418 Lehrer 2017?

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Orange U. Glad


I have not seen pics of the 1418 Lehrer anywhere? Can someone point me in the right direction? I am assuming that it must have been a very nice orange pumpkin or it would have never made it to Deb's soil.

12/10/2018 6:22:41 PM


Decatur, Indiana

It wasn't as pretty/orange as you'd think it would have to have been. I talked to Deb and asked why that one, and she said that it had good orange genetics as it was a seed from one of her previous pumpkins. It was a smooth light orange color, I think. I remember seeing it on facebook somewhere.

12/11/2018 2:29:33 PM


Decatur, Indiana

Ok I found them and added them to pumpkinfanatic


12/11/2018 2:33:53 PM

Orange U. Glad


Thank you for posting and the explanation. It was a nice looking pumpkin with ridges. But I am with you, I thought it would be more orange. I give the WI growers credit with growing seeds within their group.

12/11/2018 7:50:24 PM


San Diego, Ca.

Thanks for posting those pictures. I have been looking all over for a picture of that pumpkin too.

12/11/2018 10:27:25 PM

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