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Subject:  HD Diary this year?

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Will there be a diary of all HD winners this year?

10/8/2018 7:40:17 AM


It all depends on people sending in pictures to the person that has the diary.
I hope more people or the sites will do so. Sure as heck is nice to look at.

10/8/2018 10:57:19 AM


Rhode Island

Yes I agree got to get the e/mail from the guy who was doing it will try to find it

10/11/2018 8:48:42 PM


Rhode Island

Here is the e/mail from the guy who ran it Midatlanticgpg@gmail.com was the midatlantic pumpkin growers e/mail them I will check back soon

10/11/2018 8:57:03 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

I decided I will do it this year but I need to establish some ground rules for submission format because it gets to be a real pain chopping the emails up into a common and equal presentation. When I log back in as my alter ego l will let everyone know the guidelines so stay tuned. Once you get a kid of your own it sure gets tough to do all the extra stuff like that. Not to mention run a club and a weighoff.

10/13/2018 10:39:26 PM


Rhode Island

Sound Good.

10/14/2018 9:02:48 AM

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