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Subject:  SCGA Howard Dill Prettiest Pumpkin Championship

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Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

The SCGA board, has coordinated an effort to launch a "Howard Dill Prettiest Pumpkin Championship" event to be held at Stillwater Harvestfest. This competition seeks to crown a champion prettiest pumpkin from the current year Howard Dill award winners from any weigh-off that presents this award to its contestants. In this program, pumpkins awarded the Howard Dill prize at previously held weigh-off sites are invited to bring their fruit to Harvestfest to be considered for the champion prettiest pumpkin award. This contest is sponsored by the SCGA and is in no way affiliated with the GPC award for their overall Howard Dill winner, however it is possible that the winning pumpkin could be considered for the GPC award as well.

Giant pumpkin growers present at Stillwater Harvestfest who are not entered in the HD award contest vote by ballot to select the winner (Formal selection criteria to be announced at a later time). The SCGA will fund the creation of a travelling trophy awarded to the winner each year along with an engraved metal plate to commemorate the milestone. Trophy must return to Harvestfest each year for hand off to next year's winner. The SCGA/Harvestfest will fund a monetary prize of $500 to the winner, under the stipulation that all HD contestants generously donate 50-75 seeds from their HD fruit to the SCGA for revenue generation purposes.

HD winners from neighboring sites are not eligible for Harvestfest prizemoney, per GPC rules regarding dual weighing of fruit. These entries would exclusively be competing for bragging rights of champion prettiest pumpkin. If a single grower is awarded HD award at multiple contests, that grower will be allowed to enter more than a single HD fruit in the final contest.

7/1/2018 7:29:11 PM


Johnston, R.I.

Good luck Shannon.

7/2/2018 4:39:40 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

Going to need good luck, twice. Need to win an HD first to get the ticket into the lineup. Wish you lived closer norm. What do you average..about 3 HD's per year. This is the perfect event for the king of orange. You could always ship your pumpkins here. For myself, more important than winning is the chance to see the other HD winners in real, side by side. Much better than looking at them from pictures.

7/2/2018 5:00:10 AM

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