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Subject:  Greenies and oranges

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Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Over the years there has been speculation about how close green squash and orange phenotypes are related genetically. As I look over my awards in the pumpkin room I notice that I have almost as many top squash as HD plaques on display. So why am I not growing squash anymore? The PA record is still under 1200 (I think) so for these reasons I am gowing with two green and two orange plants. And I am going to do this green orange cross. I have all of the jutras and holub 2017 seeds so it will be a big cross. The question is, will anyone have the stones to plant one of my crosses next year?

3/23/2018 4:51:04 PM


Rapid City, SD


3/23/2018 5:28:31 PM


Rhode Island

Not here,, All Orange here.

3/23/2018 6:10:19 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

if you do a green-orange cross, and then self the seed, and then grow it to determine if the f2 will be orange or green..then maybe. First year cross probably would not be either beautiful orange or green

3/23/2018 6:35:39 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

The PA record for green squash is 1154.5 lbs. I am planting three greenies this year in hopes to make a run at the record. Good luck to you.

3/24/2018 12:25:50 AM


Johnston, R.I.

Why would you do that ? I have given green squash a thought. In a way they are the same as orange, you work hard trying to isolate a gene to keep the orange or green going.. Why would you cross them ? I do not understand your logic. You worked hard to get your 811 to the point it is at, why would you cross a squash into it ?

3/24/2018 5:52:39 AM


Rapid City, SD

AMEN norm!!

3/24/2018 10:06:43 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

Lol guys. Can you guarantee the offspring will have giant warts?... If so I’ll definitely plant it!!!

3/24/2018 11:35:18 AM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

Nope... Keep Squash as Squash

3/24/2018 11:38:27 AM


Jericho Vermont

I have always wondered if a dark green into a dark orange was a cross that I would do. I think the upside a few generations down the road could be an even darker green and darker orange. Just a lot of patience and luck to get there. I say go for it but don't expect a lot of growers to grow it out until you get one side predictable.

3/24/2018 1:40:17 PM


Rapid City, SD

AMEN shannon...but it is too late now.....were just gonna have to live with the compromised for ever now

3/24/2018 2:39:01 PM

Green Toe


Oh it is the biggest mix up that you have ever seen me father he was orange and me mother she was green

3/24/2018 2:43:17 PM


Syracuse, NY

i am going through my seed book lately and noting all of the squash seeds i have had since 2000, solely for the fact that they can add a nice accent to or be a mainstay of a display exhibiting what are normally pumpkins---i'm excited by the idea of growing a squash in a place where i might not have grown a big PUMPKIN ever, so that hammering a SQUASH plant with as much fert. and pruning but neglect otherwise may result in at least a PRETTY greenie, to be sold as possibly said novelty fruit. the DARK-greener the better, i must add.
hey, aside from the COLOR issue (Jesus, some of the time, squash are the result of anyone's best intentions anyway,
aren't they?) why would you NOT try to cross the two if you are sick of the S.O.S.O.? (That's 'Same Old, Same Old'.)
for instance, who's to say that the 2118 Jutras crossed with the 2009 (because it grew the biggest, fully-ORANGE i could think of) would NOT have WR progeny that were either super-orange or super-green? It'd be neat-o to see another 1807 Stelts color scheme appear from this...As I've said, brand-new seeds are a gamble.
Grow whatever YOU want to.

3/24/2018 3:45:42 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Well I’m bored that’s why. And I can win a squash title or a HD with the fruit grown in that year no matter what lurks inside the seeds within.

Anyhow to me, what’s the difference between crossing a 2118 jutras into the 811 rather than one of those 1 ton awful looking space rocks into it?

Imagine a not 100% green or orange result. What if that isn’t the goal. Imagine a fruit that is dark green and smooth that has fluorescent orange paint splashed on it in an attractive pattern. Now that would be something.

3/24/2018 7:31:41 PM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise


3/24/2018 8:03:08 PM


Princeville, IL

if its green and orange flecked I will take some seeds. Weird stuff really sells. lol

3/24/2018 8:18:54 PM


NE Arkansas

That's true Joe

3/24/2018 9:41:48 PM


Syracuse, NY

I was saying "why would you >>NOT<< try to cross the two if you are sick of the S.O.S.O.?" i was supporting your idea. also, your last statement is EXACTLY why i mentioned the 1807 Stelts. we are literally on the same page---i think you were just getting used to the politely-NOT-supportive comments. see, i wish you the best. maybe read my reply again; this isn't the first time i've been misunderstood. lol @ agteacher---how about even the opposite of that? (woah). have a look at what i think we're thinking of, or what is neat-looking nonetheless: FROM the 940 Vincent '07 (which i requested MORE of than usual) (845 Bobier X 1180 Daletas):


i never grew it again, but i'm tempted now, lol---

3/25/2018 1:43:01 AM


Syracuse, NY

i figured the 2118 because it a self, self, etc., and the WR(!), and here's a discussion of not-too far back i just briefly viewed with some very knowledgeable people commenting VEHHHRRY interestingly:


i am SO reading that tomorrow!

3/25/2018 1:54:05 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

Cool kin there pumpkinpal

3/25/2018 2:49:37 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

If you aren’t growing it for size cross it with one like this one (link below). I think Holubs line has some opacity in it which could mute either the green or orange, later. In my mind it’s an ‘opacity gene’ that sometimes hides otherwise great color... as soon as the opacity is removed or not expressed, the color—green or orange— will be good?


I may be totally wrong.

3/25/2018 3:23:28 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

This is a seed I would grow.


3/25/2018 3:32:34 AM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

My guess is THAT one is Marina de Chioggia x AG. Im short on space but if someone handed me Marina de Chioggia x AG (orange or greenie) I would put it in the ground and give it a go in the hope of something similar.

3/25/2018 3:44:55 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I like the idea of dark orange x dark green.

3/25/2018 8:47:37 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

One trait I liked in the green squash that Dan Carlson and Marc Petersen used to grow was the extremely long stems. http://www.bigpumpkins.com/displayphoto.asp?pid=5379&gid=-29668 I always thought that would be great to get that trait into a bigger pumpkin to help eliminate stress from the vines/

3/25/2018 9:37:20 AM


Princeville, IL

The Cinderella's x AG's I have grown have been fun and profitable. People love them if you get the good Cinderella shape and a red/orange color.

3/25/2018 12:26:33 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Hey pumpkinpal I know you were in agreement with me, you’ve got to remember that the way these message boards are set up when someone replies it is to all posts since their last post. So specifically I was addressing norm’s comment, he is someone I have collaborated with over many years in our orange breeding. No worries bro. Globally there’s probably half to a dozen of us that are die hard dedicated to the orange and shape. Not just a seed and a prayer type. And I am stepping outside of the acceptance limits with this proposal. It does make for good conversation though eh?

3/25/2018 1:15:46 PM


Syracuse, NY

In response to Orangeneck, lol: ha ha ha it figures that I'd be the one for that to happen to---usually it's '(Whys) men' discussing; here, it was one '(Why)', and one '(Why not)', tee-hee---this is not the first time i've MISunderstood, either, lol! thank you for clarifying, very much---i see it now in looking back at it. yes, very good conversation, resulting in very unusual fruits being brought-up...
soon, I'LL post my 'Ms. Warty';
>please see my pumpkinpal2 diary!< (UGH! the wait...) EG

3/26/2018 1:30:58 AM


New England

i think its an interesting experiment. I wouldn't do it to grow for awards but definitely an interesting genetic experiment to continue for a few years.

3/26/2018 8:31:27 AM

n d fan


The 1985 Miller i grew 2yrs ago was green and orange, ugly

3/26/2018 9:04:41 AM


Syracuse, NY

my diary entries all came out in reverse order---i used yesterday's date when it was already today, so, if you care to look at all 6, backwards you go! thanks for viewing:


3/26/2018 12:24:53 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Good lord that is creepy definitely not what I’m going for haha! No need for a scarecrow in your patch!

3/26/2018 9:53:35 PM


Syracuse, NY

LOL---Now, i'll know what to name the next one.
Reminds me of this movie, too---Attack of the Giant Leeches.
One neat thing is that the skin WANTS to be green, but the
warts' 'pushing outward' turn it orange in the process. sort of like a mountain range or something---i wonder about the sun's angle and its effect on the fruit also. thanks for the frank review, lol.

3/26/2018 11:39:33 PM

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