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Subject:  335 Gerry?

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Cranbrook bc

Was thinking of buying these seeds, has anyone tried growing them?

2/4/2018 4:41:45 PM


Syracuse, NY

Hey, Zach:


click on 'Continue Shopping' in your mind and see what else i have to offer, too, lol---of course, an order would be great and i need the money, but this IS a community of growers, so, no matter what, you'd be well-cared-for...regardless.

you may be able to highlight any posted link, right click
and select "go to..." and it'll take you there quickly:


see UpperPineRunner's diaries 2 years in a row---u can figure that if Mark Lengle is growing them even back then, it must be a goodie! reading-up and leading-up to fruition in those diaries was very entertaining and also Mike Strange tried it ALSO 2 years in a row i believe and over THERE, it did not do so well as a seedling---that happens, but, when it's good, it's real good! not sure of a diary entry, but Kevin Snyder grew it back in perhaps '09 in the day also and had a super-beautiful 306 on it, which was super-pretty and speckly orange, but i myself never saved the picture(s) for whatever reason---big mistake at the moment, lol---
i have also grown it and pollinated it with the 689.5 Sandercock, resulting in a 188 est. fruit on the WCG website, and i have very high hopes for that seed for orange in '18 as well(!). THAT seedling was INDESTRUCTIBLE in my kitchen last winter---i have found that in a peat pot, in
water OVER top of the peat (always flooded), 2 of these seedlings actually THRIVED for 2 weeks until i did something different. i am not kidding. pumpkinpal@msn.com

2/5/2018 1:27:39 AM


Cranbrook bc

Hey Eric, thanks for the response, think I'll definitely be buying the 335 for sure, soon. Looking at the 20.0 Gerry, are the other photos on the same plant, and have you tried growing anything from those seeds?

2/5/2018 8:14:46 PM


Syracuse, NY

if you see this now, i'm emailing you now at 3 am EST. thanks for the reponse--and, the #20 Gerry is an excellent seed in that it always puts out orange beauties (Prizewinner X 689.5 Sandercock) from 140+ pounds i have had, even several on each PLANT---i have had a 275-er by itself to ensure that THAT fruit was as big as it could be---it is getting to be lower in supply, but...no worries yet!...
a quick sprouter as well.
CONSISTENT, BlaZe OrAnGe, every fruit(!) eg

2/6/2018 3:24:15 AM


Syracuse, NY

while we're all warmed-up, how about #20 X 2145???
untested, therefore dangerous!!! i've yet to have had the opportunity to create (seed X x #20), though---oh, well. eg

2/6/2018 4:22:32 AM


Syracuse, NY

PS---anyone, when you're on WorldClassGardening.com
always click the pic, for a larger view of that pic(ture).

2/6/2018 4:39:00 AM

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