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Subject:  How long will Marrow last Picked?

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New Berlin,NY

I had 6 Marrow going on 3 plants. 5 Have went down.

I am wondering if I am better to pick my last one and keep it in a cooler place. Or am I better keeping it on the Vine.

I am leaning to cutting it off, but would love to hear what others think.

9/4/2020 1:18:51 PM

Dutch Brad


It loses weight quickly. If intact they will store quite long, certainly a few weeks. Some growers cut the stem half-way through to prevent it from growing anymore which might cause it to split.

9/5/2020 5:36:18 AM

Dorset Farmers - MarkB

Dorset UK

Bummer, I know the feeling only too well and have been in the same position myself.
Agree with Brad they will keep for a few weeks if kept cool and are free of splits although if its unripe it won't last as long. I'd like to leave mine to weigh off day ideally as they do lose weight but when I have been running out of options like you are I have cut and stored. I cut my 220 UOW off the vine two weeks before my show and it developed a soft area underneath a couple of days before the show. The skin underneath was very soft and supple where it had less exposure to the sun and that's why I lost it I think (it lost about 8 lbs in that time) , if ripened well I've kept them until Halloween. Ultimately its your choice but if you make the wrong call and lose it you'll always think to yourself 'what if' lol. Good luck.

9/5/2020 7:00:24 AM

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