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Subject:  Whats a good early shape?

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G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

Getting a long pear shape here. About 7-10 dap... Not thrilled. But I will be happy to get anything to the finish line. I would love to hear or see pics of what a good one looks like at approx. 7-10 DAP.

8/25/2019 2:13:47 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA


8/25/2019 2:18:04 AM

Dorset Farmers - MarkB

Dorset UK

I like a short dumpy pear shape here, larger towards the flower end. Big at the stem end/big ribs usually ends with stem splits. I find the shorter wider baby Marrows to have greater weight potential, obviously the marrow needs to be a reasonable length. Long and thin don't weigh like short and wide does. Ideally length and width together would be best.

8/27/2019 3:49:33 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

ok thanks for help! I think I culled the wrong one which is a theme for me this year. Sorry about the lack of pictures. Just taking my first steps in growing these no clue really but I'd guess on track for just 50 lb.

8/27/2019 10:16:41 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

I looked at some old diary pics. . . I think I know what you mean about shape. I will post pics eventually. Ps lol I hope your other little marrow is coming along.

8/27/2019 10:23:10 AM

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