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Subject:  Anyone?

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Plattsburgh, NY

It’s super quiet in here! Anyone growing a marrow? I’m giving it a shot, though the bulk of my energy has gone towards the pumpkin. How is everyone doing?

7/21/2019 8:59:44 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

I am growing a 173 Baggs and a 220 DMG Baggs. 220 main is about 10 feet, 173 is about 5 feet. No female flowers yet.

7/22/2019 1:46:10 AM

Dutch Brad


Got three going. All plants about 15 ft long. Pollination early next week.

7/22/2019 5:32:20 AM


East Sussex, UK

I'm growing a 165 Baggs, 173 Baggs and a 220 DMG Baggs. I've never done it before so we'll see what the end result is.

7/22/2019 9:57:49 AM



I am growing the 220 baggs and 165 Baggs as well. Really good plant at about 25' with a 15'back vine. Self pollinated and the marrow is on the main at 15'. No accurate measurements but fruit is around 30" long but the fruit has gotten a flattened look to it. My first true Marrow after trying for 3 years. I had to go to the auctions to get pure seed. In the past they turned out to be pumpkins. I was doing it for fun till my 2066 Geddes went down now all the ferts that kin would have gotten goes to my 220 Baggs. We'll see how it turns out. The marrow is selfed.

7/22/2019 10:52:13 AM

Dorset Farmers - MarkB

Dorset UK

Ten plants here at around 12 ft. Aiming to pollenate 1st week of August.
Great to see some interest in the Marrows this year.

7/22/2019 1:58:16 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

I'm also growing the 173 Baggs. I didn't give it a ton of attention early on so it's not the most impressive plant, but it is about 15 feet long and has some side vines appearing recently. No female flowers yet but males are plentiful. I don't know much about the marrow plant so I am kind of winging it this year.

7/22/2019 3:09:44 PM

Chris L


I am growing a 165 and 220 Baggs. Both plants are getting the same treatment as my AG's and are looking great. Should be pollinating some soon.

7/22/2019 8:08:52 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

Mark B, you are like The Godfather here! Everyone is growing your seeds, exclusively!

7/22/2019 10:16:26 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

How long is the vine before female flowers come out or is it 'X' number of days past germination? I was wondering if I need to add K and/or P and/or Blossom Booster to make it happen.

7/22/2019 10:24:05 PM

Reed's Birds and Bees

Savage, MN

I have a 78 Brown growing close to 5 feet.

7/22/2019 10:30:02 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

I’m growing 2 plants, 78 Brown and a 149 Fortey...I have 4 pollinated so far.

7/23/2019 2:32:30 AM

Dale M

Anchorage Alaska

i have the 154 Baggs growing , great plant

7/25/2019 12:30:03 AM

Dorset Farmers - MarkB

Dorset UK

LOL, Brad is the godfather!
It's a shame you guys aren't posting photos in the grower diaries, a picture says a thousand words!

7/25/2019 3:59:03 AM


Plattsburgh, NY

I just pollinated today, but I will post some once I have something worth looking at

8/2/2019 4:51:27 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

I posted my tiny little marrow in my grower diary. Not much to look at and the first I've ever grown, so we'll see what I can do with it!

8/7/2019 2:45:16 PM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

I tried a few. Unlikely to break any records... more likely, I will just be trying to achieve a '2nd to last place' finish... l pretty much expect last place though. Small plants.

8/7/2019 3:03:16 PM

Chris L


My 220 Baggs was 40" and the 165 was 46" in circ. on day 11. That kind of measurement is similar to a really good field pumpkin growth. I am keeping a diary on www.gvgo.ca/diaries and discussion.

8/7/2019 7:58:04 PM

Dutch Brad


The growing tips (with baby marrows) all got burnt to a crisp, so now relying on anything I can find on side vines. Only growing for seeds, so not a big issue.

8/8/2019 2:48:14 AM


Lake Oswego, OR

Two plants going and I suppose they are doing ok. It's a challenge to keep them under control with all of the non-main vine growth. I've found that if I don't constantly monitor the plants I end up finding hidden marrows hiding. Is everyone trying to limit growth to one marrow per plant?

8/9/2019 12:17:25 PM

Dutch Brad


I'm growing two 165 Baggs. One with one marrow and one with two. Hoping the second one will prevent the first one from splitting. The plant with two is larger.

8/10/2019 6:13:17 AM

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