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Subject:  Color of plant

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I am raising marrow in the heartland. The plants are really pale green compared to pumpkins or melons. Is this comman or do they need more nitrogen ferts or magnesium or what Thanks?

5/21/2017 10:57:08 AM


Valencia Spain

Join group Giant veg community in facebook, the UK growers know their marrows

5/21/2017 2:53:45 PM

Dutch Brad


Generally speaking marrows are darker green than pumpkins.

5/22/2017 2:25:56 AM

Dutch Brad


Marrows don't like heat. They don't do well above 80 degrees.

5/22/2017 2:26:54 AM



They probably won;t do good here unless we have a cool summer. Been really cool here and wet.

5/23/2017 7:25:12 AM

John Cabot Trail

Nova Scotia

Brad, on average how many days will a marrow grow after pollination? How many days did the 206 grow for? Can they do well in partly shaded areas? Thanks

5/23/2017 6:57:59 PM

Dutch Brad


John, in warm weather I have seen them stop after 4 weeks. In general they grow 6 weeks. The 206.5 was still growing in week 8.

5/24/2017 4:16:46 AM

Dutch Brad


I have never tried them in shade as it never really gets warm here where I grow. I can imagine that in NS temps it might be worth trying growing them in a bit of shade.

5/24/2017 4:17:35 AM

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