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Subject:  wondering who is going to try marrow next year

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A few days ago i ordered some giant marrow seeds off from the website giantveg.uk My daughter will try to grow this next to our pumpkin.
Wondering who else is a marrow grower next year.

9/25/2015 5:34:22 AM

Dutch Brad


I grow marrows every year. The really big ones are very difficult to keep in one piece. A lot harder than even pumpkins. I have grown 135lb+ marrows every year for years, but only two have ever made it to the scales (156.6 and 206.5). Good luck with them.

9/25/2015 6:06:13 AM

Farmer McGregor

Fort Collins

Giving this a try in Colorado.. looking for seeds.

9/29/2015 2:51:16 PM


i just had my seeds delivered today from the uk. Don't know if they are good but for a novice i am sure they will be just fine

9/29/2015 6:27:04 PM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

Brad do you have any marrow seeds that produce the green with color stripping or the reverse?

9/29/2015 6:48:54 PM

Pumpkin Shepherd

Georgetown, Ontario

I have a couple nice ones this year. They should be going to a couple weigh offs in the next week or two. I love growing them. Treat them just like Field Pumpkins and REALLY stay on top of the Powdery Mildew, they seem to be the first to get it. I had some nice striped ones last year, selfed them, and a friend grew them this year and they are all solid cream coloured. The biggest ones seem to be the solid dark green ones I think.

9/29/2015 7:08:06 PM


Valencia Spain

If they are from Kevin fortey Giant Veg.UK there good, DoNT do Well in my heat

10/1/2015 4:32:28 PM

Paddy the fisherman

Louth , Ireland

I grew a 127lb marrow last year, held together really well but disappointing seed count!

Great for outdoors at higher lattitudes.

10/1/2015 5:33:06 PM


i am wondering as i plan out my garden for next year...how many square feet is optimum for a marrow plant. I am getting excited about growing these things.

10/1/2015 6:13:04 PM

Dutch Brad


Sorry Bill, mine are 100% green.

10/2/2015 3:01:35 AM

Dutch Brad


I grow them in 15x15ft plots. Smaller will work. They hate the heat and grow best when pollinated in the second half of August. They grow about 6 weeks, depending on the weather. The cooler it is, the longer they seem to grow.

10/2/2015 3:03:16 AM



If you go to https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/vegetables/marrow?type=v they have a lot of tips on how to grow a marrow.

3/13/2016 8:21:04 PM

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