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Subject:  Missing OTT's

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Tree Doctor

Mulino, Oregon

Why are so many OTT measurements missing on the Bushel Gourd results? Also the ones that are present are being put against the 2018 growth chart.

9/29/2019 7:49:52 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

We should be getting OTTs on the field pumpkins too but they seem to get overlooked when the weigh offs cant spare the manpower maybe. But its important to collect accurate data for future selection/breeding and learning. Hard to learn if the stats are unavailable.

9/30/2019 7:44:35 AM


Sharon, MA

I noticed that too. Unless I asked, no stats were being recorded for several fruits Other than name and weight. The person recording the data is usually overwhelmed with an influx of verbal input, but if I gave them clear written input they would record my stats. Also noted that we have a BG Chart, but no % to chart stats are published this year. Might be a programming glitch. I'll ask.

10/10/2019 6:53:57 AM

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