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Subject:  growing bushel gourd in high heat in East Texas

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Vimes (wizeheart@gmail.com)

Huntsville Texas

This is our first year trying growing giant bushel gourds. We have one almost two feet across but they expect the weather to hit over 100 degrees next week. There is a translucent cloth covering it, somewhat shading it but letting air pass through easily. Any recommendations to keep it going? Such as less fertilizer, how much to water it? We've had other plants in this heat develop infections and root rot in moist soil. My wife is an artist and hoping for a great one to paint on. Any advice to help will be greatly appreciated. Also, how do you put up photos? Thanks.

8/10/2019 10:07:40 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I would build a little shelter over the fruit, use a light colored sheet and leave a little headroom above the gourd so that heat doesn't build up in the shelter. What you are doing may be OK but I am a little concerned by the word translucent. YOu don't want too much light to get through. A little filtered light is fine. THe fact that air passes through easily is also a good thing. If you are worried your plant is overheating you could turn on some sprinklers or misters to help reduce stress. You can have them go on for short intervals so that your soil doesn't get overly moist and cause rot. You could also use shade cloth over your plant.
Bushel gourds can take a lot of heat, if you did nothing your plant may be fine. In my location I don't receive the type of heat that you do in TX so I can't fully answer how much heat they can take. BUt they do fine here in 95 degrees and high humidity. They get similar summer temperatures as you in MO and most of our seed line comes from the 177 Westfall which was bred in MO. Bushel gourds are tough! In times of high heat stress I would back off the fertilizer as increased salts will cause the plant to wilt more .
To post pictures go to "submit to your own diary" function and use the "new" method which works with google. I hope this helps. Good luck this week and stay cool.

8/11/2019 10:26:52 PM

Vimes (wizeheart@gmail.com)

Huntsville Texas

Thank you. This was a big help. We will post pictures tonight. At this point the circumference is 65 inches and no sign of wilting. It is two inches larger since yesterday.

8/12/2019 4:07:02 PM

Vimes (wizeheart@gmail.com)

Huntsville Texas

The gourd is now 66 inches in diameter and getting a look of netting on the skin. It also appears to be filling out, getting higher and rounder, and the vine is still doing well, despite the Texas heat. We want to make sure it fully matures successfully, for lasting for use for artwork and for having mature seeds. Should we leave it on until the vine dies? Thanks.

8/20/2019 5:46:45 PM



Keep it on the vine till its at least 70 days old to mature. Id keep it covered with something to block the hard sun from the gourd.A white sheet works best.

8/20/2019 8:53:11 PM

Vimes (wizeheart@gmail.com)

Huntsville Texas


8/22/2019 9:49:15 AM

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