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Subject:  370 Barlow/Jacobus

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NE Arkansas

Anybody growing these seeds? Anybody have any females show up yet?

7/1/2019 10:56:42 AM



Yes, Had one female open so far on a small plant didnt pollinate.prob be 2 weeks b4 try to set one on.Have it in with a 384 terry. My 370 is more aggressive.

7/1/2019 3:01:59 PM


NE Arkansas

My 370 was putting out what looked to be bg x lg females. I pulled the plant.

7/1/2019 10:55:59 PM



I noticed the same thing after you brought up females.Mine are bratwurst shaped shaped-looks like the wrong rooster got in the hen house

7/2/2019 1:22:03 PM

Gritty Kins

Shadow of St. Helens

I figure those bg x lg ones will some day breed into something bigger... I might plant one on purpose next year...

7/2/2019 3:08:14 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

This is what LG XBG turn into.

7/2/2019 7:11:17 PM



The barlow 370is listed as a sib cross.Hes got a different seed listed as crossed with a lg. I'm gonna yank mine dont want that pollen near my 384 terry plant.I have a second 370 barlow plant that is in another location. It doesnt have females yet so still waiting on that one.

7/2/2019 11:14:35 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

I am growing it, but it had a late start so it's just now starting to run. I'll report my findings when I get a female

7/3/2019 10:30:16 AM


Gays Mills, Wisconsin

I spoke with Caleb regarding this, his record indicates that it was a sib cross, but he was using lg pollen on others and suspects that he mistaken the cross on the 370. his 370 has shown blocky/round/football shapes.

7/3/2019 9:53:18 PM


NE Arkansas

The 326 was supposed to be crossed with a long gourd. I figured I was one of the earliest to have females.

7/4/2019 7:59:53 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Ok so I’m going to keep the plant growing cause it’s too late to start a new one.....my question is if I enter it as a bushel gourd will it be disqualified? Being it’s not pure?

7/5/2019 10:23:52 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

The rules don’t state it must be a bushel gourd. I think it says heavy gourd. So you should be ok to enter it.

7/5/2019 11:44:30 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Cool, well I’ll see how big I can grow one:-)

7/6/2019 2:46:16 AM



If I'm reading this right on GPC site seems like it does need to be a pure bushel gourd? https://gpc1.org/about/rules/bushel-gourd/ Site seems to call out a specific genus/species and description.

7/6/2019 4:52:45 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

Lagenaria siceraria... that’s a bottle gourd. What??

7/6/2019 6:07:12 PM


central Nc

It's all the same. Hard shell gourds. Long, bushel, bottle, calabash.. Luffa is an example of a non lagenaria gourd. You won't find any gourd outside of lagenaria that is close to as heavy as they are.

7/6/2019 8:02:50 PM


NE Arkansas

You can weigh any hard shell gourd for heavy gourd. I've seen Zucca, bushel, even long gourds grown on the ground weighed in. Btw if you've never had a long gourd grow on the ground that's about what the 370 is gonna make. Chris Kent crossed a LG and bg and made his caveman gourds

7/7/2019 10:28:00 PM



Had a female show on my second 370 barlow/jacob plant. It also is a cave man club shape so im gonna yank it.

7/9/2019 8:02:05 PM

Big City Grower (Team coming out of retirement )


Maybe some odd shapes will be the next big thing in bushel gourds maybe a hybrid will show up some gigantic or long fruit that weighs 800 pounds a hard shell gourd is a hard shell gourd .... grows them big no matter what shape is what I say... happy growing all

7/10/2019 2:54:23 AM


Sharon, MA

I'll hang onto my 370 seeds for next year and see what the results are this Fall

7/17/2019 10:20:17 PM

Tim T.


both of my 370 plants are also growing fat long gourds. going to pull one of them and may end up pulling the other.

7/19/2019 8:54:00 PM


Utah (Wolfleym@aol.com)

Females on my 370 are also loooong. Long and thinker than LGs.
Since this is my first time growing, I thought that was normal.
I am striking out this year with seeds not being what they were labeled. :(
But the mystery is fun too I guess.

7/26/2019 8:12:10 PM

it is what it is

Streator ,Illinois

posted some pictures of the 370 , small plant compared to the 384 , I am hoping to get it large enough to dry out and make a canoe out of it, well as long as it fits in the back of the truck anyway, it is what it is

8/11/2019 11:10:18 AM


Plattsburgh, NY

I didn’t give it care but let it grow... it’s growing a largish gourd thay looks like... I mean, um, it bares a resemblance to, um... let’s just say I named if “Ron Jeremy”.

9/4/2019 9:45:59 PM

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